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Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo Guide

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes)
The latest mob vote winner has arrived, complete with a new item, unique behaviors, and an unexpected requirement for breeding! So, today, we explore Minecraft’s latest mob in our Minecraft 1.21 armadillo guide.

Finding an Armadillo in Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Armadillo Mob: All Rolled Up Sceenshot Armadillos are a common mob and not hard to find. However, that is only the case if the biomes they call home are nearby! Players seeking them will need to find a savanna, savanna plateau, or windswept savanna biome where armadillos spawn in groups of two to three.

Breeding Armadillos

Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo Guide: Family of Armadillos Screenshot Once two Armadillos have been found, players can breed them with spider eyes. This is done by feeding a spider eye to both armadillos, which causes a baby to spawn. Quite the unusual food, but at least it gives spider eyes another use!

Gathering Armadillo Scute

Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo Guide: Gathering Scute Screenshot Armadillos passively drop one armadillo scute every five to ten minutes, similar to chickens laying eggs. However, players who want them faster can also use a brush on an armadillo to obtain one right away.

Crafting Wolf Armor

Minecraft Wolf Armor Recipe When six armadillo scutes have been gathered, players can take them to a crafting table to craft wolf armor. This is done by placing one armadillo scute on the top left corner of the crafting table, one on each slot of the middle row, and one in both the bottom left and right corners. Once crafted, wolf armor can be placed on an adult-tamed wolf with a right click. While still subject to change, wolf armor currently has no durability, an armor value of eleven, and it can only be removed with shears. No enchantments are available at this time, nor can it be dyed.

Minecraft 1.21 Armadillo Guide

Despite the initial dislike for the armadillo’s texture, it seems to be living up to fans’ expectations! However, I can’t help but love the short but enjoyable stay of the silly-eyed version. What are your thoughts on the revisions? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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