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Minecraft 1.20 Sniffer Guide

Posted on by amber
Lost to time and the sunken sea, the sniffer rises to greet you and me! Today we explore Minecraft’s most anticipated addition and provide a step-by-step sniffer guide on how to give sniffers all the love and care they will need.

Sniffer Guide Part 1: Finding Sniffer Eggs

 Finding Sniffer Eggs in Suspicious Sand Screenshot Sniffers are an extinct mob that does not spawn in any dimension. However, players exploring the new archeology feature may notice red and green eggs popping out of suspicious sand. To find your sniffer egg, the first step is crafting a brush tool to wipe the suspicious sand away. Our archeology guide here provides the recipe to get you on your way! After that, players will need to find warm ocean ruins. These are the structures scattered across warm ocean biomes made of sandstone. Once one has been located, swim on down and begin brushing away at the suspicious sand within. If luck is on your side, an egg will eventually be found. It is not guaranteed, so be prepared to search once again! For this part of the venture, we recommend the items below:
  • Brush [Required]
  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Water Breathing Potions
  • Night Vision Potions
  • An Aqua Affinity & Respiration Enchanted Helmet

Sniffer Guide Part 2: Hatching Sniffer Eggs

Sniffer Egg Screenshot Once an egg has been found, we would recommend continuing the journey until you have two. This way, the two sniffers can be bred. With the eggs in hand, head back home and prepare to make your sniffer a bed. When placed, sniffer eggs hatch over a period of twenty minutes, but the speed can be doubled if placed on a moss block instead. Two cracks later, and you have your very first sniffer! As babies, they are referred to as snifflets.

Sniffer Guide Part 3: Gathering Ancient Seeds

Ancient Seeds Screenshot Once your snifflet has grown into a sniffer, it will wander around aimlessly while occasionally sniffing the surroundings. This action will sometimes lead to a sniffer picking up the scent of ancient seeds! From there, they pursue the smell before digging up one of two plant types that have long since gone extinct. These seeds are:
  • Torchflower Seeds
  • Pitcher Pods
Both can be planted and grown into plant items that are purely decorative but don’t use all the Torchflower Seeds! These are what you use to make two sniffers breed. From there, you can create all the sniffers you could ever need.

Sniffer, Snifflets, & More!

Sniffers are the perfect addition to gardens, farms, and flowery biomes, but don’t take your eye off them for too long! They will wander off the moment a new smell reaches their nose. In other words, make sure to keep the garden gate closed! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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