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Minecraft 1.20 Farming Guide

Posted on by amber
Food is a resource needed from the first night to the Ender Dragon fight, but where does one first begin? Today we explore the basics of farm work in our Minecraft 1.20 farming guide, including optimal farms for manual harvesting, how to prepare the land, and the replanting process to repeat and begin again.

1. Gathering & Crafting

Minecraft 1.20 Farming Guide Screenshot: Inventory With Starting Items Before a player can start farming, they will need to have a few materials in hand. The first is a hoe to till the land, the second is a bucket to gather water, and the third is seeds to plant. Minecraft has many seeds, and some have different needs, but for beginners, we recommend wheat, potatoes, beetroots, and carrots as they are the easiest to find and understand. If there is still some trouble, our checklist below goes over everything again:
  • Hoe: A hoe is made using two sticks and two wooden planks on a crafting table.
  • Water Bucket: A bucket is made using three iron ingots on a crafting table.
  • Seeds: Players can find wheat seeds by breaking tall grass. Alternatively, carrots, potatoes, and beetroot seeds are found in villages generated across the overworld.

2. Preparing the Land

Minecraft 1.20 Farming Guide Screenshot: Example Farm Layout After creating or finding flat land nearby, the first step is lighting the area to keep creepers away. Following that, players can begin preparing the farm with the materials from step one.
  • Using a hoe on the ground will till the soil, making it suitable for farming. On PC, this is done by right-clicking on a dirt or grass block with your hoe in hand.
  • Farms require water nearby. Hydrated farmland will take on a darker color confirming that it has been done right. If there is trouble moving water, don’t forget to use the bucket from step one.
  • Those seeking to make their farms as optimal as possible will be glad to know a single water block hydrates farmland up to four blocks away. For example, the image above uses a line of water followed by four rows of farmland on either side.

3. Growing the Crops

Minecraft Farmland Screenshot Our next step is growing crops which begins with planting them. Wheat and beetroot are planted by right-clicking tilled farmland with a seed in hand. Meanwhile, potatoes and carrots are planted using the vegetable instead. For example, one carrot would act as a carrot seed. After being planted, it is simply time to wait. The crops will continue to grow as long as someone is nearby, including those AFK. Keep in mind crops grow faster when illuminated and hydrated. Ensure the water and lighting from previous steps are always maintained!

4. Harvesting & Replanting

Fully Grown Minecraft Beetroot Screenshot When the crops are fully grown, they can be harvested by punching or right-clicking them. Wheat and beetroot will provide both produce and seeds, while potatoes and carrots will provide lots of potatoes and carrots. Once harvested, head back to step three and begin the process again. Congratulations on earning your farming credentials!

Minecraft 1.20 Farming Guide

And with that, our Minecraft 1.20 Farming guide comes to a close. Remember, it’s always a good idea to expand your farm as you collect more seeds and resources! After all, food will be there with you until the very end. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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