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Minecraft 1.19 Suspicious Stew Guide

Posted on by amber

What if we told you there was a secret food not found in the crafting book or even creative? It’s only natural to be suspicious, but trust us when we say this hidden stew is delicious! Today we explore one of Minecraft’s best-kept secrets in our Minecraft 1.19 Suspicious Stew Guide.

The Many Types of Suspicious Stews

 Suspicious Stew Crafting Recipe

To the surprise of quite a few, suspicious stews can be the deadliest food in Minecraft or some of the absolute best. But how does one even make it, let alone control the outcome? The secret is a recipe much like mushroom stew but with one added ingredient. A flower from our menu!

Simply place a brown mushroom, a red mushroom, and a wooden bowl alongside the flower of your choice on the crafting table, and the stew will appear! Remember, this recipe is shapeless, so as long as all four items are there, where they are placed does not matter. They can even be made right from the player inventory!

Positive Stews
FlowerStew EffectJE Duration (Seconds)BE Duration (Seconds)
Oxeye DaisyRegeneration86
Blue OrchidSaturation0.350.3
PoppyNight Vision54
AlliumFire Resistance42
CornflowerJump Boost64
Negative Stews
FlowerStew EffectJE Duration (Seconds)BE Duration (Seconds)
Lilly of the ValleyPoison1210
Azure BluetBlindness86
Wither RoseWither86
Notable Effect: Saturation

Every effect granted by suspicious stew has a potion counterpart, except one. Saturation is a status effect that can’t be obtained through any other method, and it provides the powerful effect of reducing the need for eating.

Or in other words, it provides additional hunger and saturation for each tick that saturation is active. 0.35 seconds is seven ticks, for example. That’s a lot of restored hunger!

Milking Brown Mooshrooms

Brown Mooshrooms Screenshot

Did you know that milking a Mooshroom cow with a bowl provides an infinite source of mushroom soup? Well, something similar can be done with the brown mooshroom to get suspicious stew!

Feed the brown mooshroom a flower from the list above, and it will provide the corresponding stew when it is next milked with a bowl. But keep in mind that one flower needs to be fed before each milking. Otherwise, it just ends up as a bowl of regular mushroom stew.

Brown mooshrooms are created when lightning strikes red mooshrooms. Lightning rods and channeling tridents are convenient methods of forcing this to occur.

Minecraft 1.19 Suspicious Stew Guide

Bowl of Suspicious Stew

Suspicious Stew is one of Minecraft’s strongest food items, beaten only by the golden food varieties. While its lack of stacking is indeed annoying, remember that it can be made right from the player inventory! Keep one stack of bowls, red mushrooms, brown mushrooms, and the desired flower for an inventory-friendly way of crafting stew all day. It’s worth the slight inconvenience, I’d say!

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