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Mending Villagers in Five Easy Steps

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
Mending is one of the strongest enchantments Minecraft has to offer, and for a short time, it was even considered rare! Unfortunately for Mojang, players quickly discovered a way to get mending without all the hassle. Today we explain how to get mending villagers in five easy steps.

1. Craft A Lectern

Lectern Crafting Recipe Step one of our guide is as simple as can be! Craft four wooden half slabs and a single bookshelf, then place them on a crafting table in the shape of a “T.” Three slabs line the top row, a bookshelf goes right in the middle, and the final slab goes at the center of the bottom-most row.

2. Find a Village

Minecraft Villager Village To make a mending villager, one must first find a villager! This is most easily done by locating a village nearby. Don’t forget to pack your newly crafted lectern! You will need it once you arrive.

3. Pick Your Villager

Jobless Villager When a village has been found, locate a house with an adult villager inside and block off the door using some dirt. Any house and villager works, but if the villager already has a job, their crafting block will need to be broken first. Is your jobless villager locked inside and ready to go? Then proceed to step four!

4. Place the Lectern

Mending Villager Place the lectern inside the house. The villager should walk up to it and become a librarian if all has been done as described. Now right-click the villager to open trade and see if they have mending! Some lucky few may already be done, but for the rest of us, proceed to step five.

5. Break the Lectern & Repeat Step Four

Mending Villager Trade Break the lectern and place it again. This will make the villager jobless for a moment before becoming a librarian again. Does it have mending books for trade this time? If yes, congrats! If not, break the lectern and place it again. This process may take a while as the trades are based entirely on chance, but don’t give up! It is only a matter of time before mending appears.

Mending Villagers in Five Easy Steps

Congratulations on your very first mending villager! Mending is a must, and now it can be bought for emeralds on demand. Perfect for any future netherite sets, tools, and Elytras! But be warned, some servers consider this cheating, so be sure to read the rules before proceeding! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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