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MCC Rising 2 Applications OPEN: How to Apply & Dates

Posted on by amber
The opportunity for new competitors to rise begins at August’s end, but the chance to apply is well before then! Today we explain the MCC Rising 2 application process, what you will need to provide, and where to submit it within the set time.

MCC Rising 2 Details & Date

Minecraft Championship brings together popular Minecraft content creators from around the web, places them in teams of four, and has them battle it out in a series of nine minigames. Last team standing declared the Minecraft champions! However, this time around, it will be ten teams of up-and-coming content creators. MCC Rising 2 will air live August 26th, 2023, at 3 PM EST on the official Noxcrew channel. As soon as the teams are announced next month, you will find them here first! Perhaps your name will even be among them.

MCC Rising 2 Application Process

MCC Rising 2’s application window is from July 21st at noon EST to July 24th at noon EST. During that time, groups of four will be able to submit application videos introducing their team. Keep in mind these videos must be recorded in Minecraft with working microphones. What the Noxcrew is looking for is nothing crazy, nor is any amount of crazy editing required, but they hope to find friends with good chemistry that will make for an entertaining stream. Show them how much you love MCC! Some tips from the Noxcrew are as follows:
  • What are your names, and how old are you?
  • What’s your role in the team? Are you the PvP legend, or just there for moral support?
  • Tell us about any talents or interesting hobbies - Minecraft, or IRL!
  • Are you playing to win, or just to have fun?
  • Which mini-game are you most looking forward to playing?
  • Make sure that your application video doesn’t exceed 5 minutes in length and is hosted on a reliable streaming platform (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
Once your masterpiece of an application video is complete, head over to this page and click “Submit Entry.”

A Few Parting Details

MCC Rising 2 Those applying must remember that if selected, they are agreeing to be on a live broadcasted event. Showing up an hour early on August 26th at 2PM EST, having a microphone of decent quality with Discord, and a computer capable of running MCC are all required. Unsure if your computer can run MCC? Head over to MCC Island to test it! Finally, make sure you actually own Minecraft Java Edition. Cracked clients are not allowed. We wish you the best of luck! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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