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MCC 31: All Teams, Start Date, Time, & Where to Watch

Posted on by justin
MCC 31 is near, and with it comes new challenges and some new faces as well! Here's everything you need to know about the next round of the MC Championship - including when it will start, all of the teams so far, and where you can catch the competition live.

Breaking Down MC Championship 31

MCC 31 The Decision Dome is ready for its next set of participants! Below are the details to know for this 30th canon Minecraft Championship tournament.

MCC 31 Start Date & Time

The organizers announced on their official Twitter account that MCC 31 will be on Saturday, May 20, 2023, which is just before the game's 1.20 update. The program will air at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST/12 PM PST).

All MCC 31 Teams

MCC 31 will be comprised of 10 teams going head-to-head across the tournament’s various mini-games. The participating teams, and their respective members, include:
  • Aqua Axolotls: AntVenom, 5up, Krtzyy, and Ryguyrocky
  • Blue Bats: cubfan135, HBomb94, Krinios, and Eret
  • Cyan Coyotes: DarkEyebrows, bekyamon, Ph1LzA, and PeteZahHutt
  • Green Geckos: Purpled, Snifferish, VelvetIsCake, and Wallibear
  • Lime Llamas: Hannahxxrose, Sapnap, JackManifoldTV, and Michaelmcchill
  • Orange Ocelots: Mythical Sausage, FireBreathMan, Kara Corvus, and Seapeekay
  • Pink Parrots: BadBoyHalo, Illumina, Skeppy, and vGumiho
  • Purple Pandas: ElainaExe, KryticZeuz, Punz, and Sneegsnag
  • Red Rabbits: jojosolos, Shadoune666, OllieGamerz, and Capitan Gato
  • Yellow Yaks: CaptainSparklez, fruitberries, GoodTimesWithScar, and Smajor1995
Some players who were expected to participate in MCC 31 have also mentioned their absences from this event already. For instance, Shubble, a staple participant since MCC 1, tweeted that she’ll be in Japan during the event date. This absence ends her 29-event participation streak. MCC regular TheOrionSound also mentioned that he won’t participate in a reply to Shubble’s tweet. That's not the only familiar faces we'll be missing, with Ranbo stating that it’ll be their first absence since MCC 15, and GeminiTay and InTheLittleWood out as well.

MCC 31 Game List

Viewers can watch the contenders play through the various Minecraft mini-games, which focus on various core aspects like combat, parkour, survival, and teamwork. These games include the following:
  • Rocket Spleef Rush
  • Grid Runners
  • Survival Games
  • Parkour Warrior
  • Sands of Time
  • Sky Battle
  • Meltdown
  • Parkour Tag

Where to Watch

Interested viewers can watch the action of MCC 31 via the individual streams of its many players. Check out the MCC Live website to see a list of each participant's channel and check out your favorites! Winners of the competition will receive bragging rights until the next Minecraft Championship event, and will also get an MCC coin to keep as a trophy. Minecraft Server
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