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Java Edition Vs Bedrock Edition: The Lesser Known Differences

Posted on by bisecthosting

There is no shortage of comparisons between Bedrock and Java Edition around the web. We even have one of our own! However, it is usually the more obvious differences that are referenced. Did you know Bedrock Edition allows players to create impossibly fast horses, for example? Today we explore Java Edition Vs Bedrock Edition: The Lesser Known Differences.

Luck and Decay

Minecraft Glass Bottle of Water

A rarely mentioned difference between the versions is exclusive potions! In Bedrock Edition, players can very rarely find potions of decay in chests and witch huts out in the world. This deadly concoction inflicts the wither effect, which is a game changer in PVP!

On the other hand, Java Edition players can not find their exclusive potion in vanilla gameplay, but it is frequently used for adventure maps. The potion of luck! As its name suggests, those affected by this potion will have better luck finding rare drops.

Combat and Wither

As many are likely aware, Java Edition uses a more complex combat system introduced in Minecraft 1.9 that Mojang chose not to implement in Bedrock Edition. Yet, as if there were a mix-up, Bedrock Edition’s wither makes Java Edition’s look like a knockoff loot piñata!

Bedrock players face a true boss monster with melee and aerial combat phases, wither skeletons spawning naturally for support, and even the weather changes. And that is not even mentioning the Wither’s extra health!

Potions and Horses

Minecraft Horse Mob

Horses are a reasonably complex mob with a lot of hidden fun behind them. For example, each has a speed, health, and jump stat determined by their parents’ stats. So, with some selective breeding and dedication, speedy and high jumping horses can be bred.

However, in Bedrock Edition, there is a little trick to skip the hard work and make your newly bred horse go fast! If a speed potion is applied to two horses, and then they are bred while under its effects, the baby will inherit the parent’s buffed speed permanently!

Animations And Details

Java Edition Vs Bedrock Edition: Bedrock Edition Witch Drinking Animation

Another few details rarely mentioned are the differing animations between the two versions. Few are specifically worse or better, and some are so small most would not notice, but they exist for one reason or another.

The most notable example is the snowfall weather animation, but mob attack visuals are different in slight ways as well. Zombies raising their arms to attack, witches holding their potions differently, and piglins more accurately aiming their crossbows.

Another interesting detail is that all light emitting blocks are noticeably brighter in Bedrock Edition and not shaded at all.

Trees, Mushrooms, and Mines

Minecraft Oak Tree

Finally, some rather distinct world-generation differences are not present in Java Edition. Regular swamp biomes naturally generate with large mushrooms within them, trees of each kind have a “dying” variation that can generate covered in vines, and fallen trees can generate in various biomes.

That may not seem like much, but it does add a layer of immersion across multiple biomes! Perhaps in exchange, that is why mineshafts generate much more frequently in Java Edition.

Java Edition Vs Bedrock Edition: The Lesser Known Differences

This list is in no way comprehensive, and there were many more tiny details I sadly couldn’t fit, but it is interesting to see such odd differences between the two. Is it a choice not to include fallen trees and decay potions in Java? Or is there something in the code that makes it a difficult goal?

Hopefully, the two versions will become as close to one as possible down the line!

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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