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Is Mojang Hiding Devil Dogs?

Posted on by bisecthosting
Devil Dogs and Minecraft Frogs

With Minecraft 1.19’s release quickly approaching, gamers around the world have united under the same question – will there be DEVIL DOGS? While Mojang has never stated that Devil Dogs will be added to Minecraft, neither have they denied the inclusion of this sweet Hostess treat. To further investigate, we reached out to Mojang for comment:

Minecraft DM on Twitter

As of writing this, Mojang has not yet responded. Could this be a sign of fear? Perhaps they are intimidated that their secret is seeping out like Hostess’s vanilla crème fill. Only time will tell, but that is always the answer, is it not?


What is time? Professor Stephen Hawking describes time as “an illusion that moves relative to its observer.” We at BisectHosting think a little differently. The only time that matters is your fastest speed run time in vanilla Minecraft. A time that will be increasingly difficult to re-achieve as 1.19 adds a new threat – The Warden. Full netherite is no match, three hits and your out if not using enchants, and even the bravest of miners will die if not watching their backs.

Minecraft Frog

The Warden will be balanced, however, by the addition of gentle Minecraft frogs. A new mob found in swamp biomes alongside mangrove logs. And that was the key. Frogs, logs, devil dogs, was “time” the only answer it could truly be? We wanted to know. We had to know! So we put the clues together like two devil cakes sandwiching succulent crème.

Something would appear in the server logs while cutting mangrove logs only after saying Devil Dogs to Minecraft Frogs. And the answer appeared, solving the mystery once and for all.

[07:11:27 ERROR] Error occurred while enabling Fast Turtles v2.1 (Is it up to date?)

We have not yet deciphered the message, but one thing is clear. The arrival of Devil Dogs is near.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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