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Is Minecraft the Future of Metaverse?

Posted on by amber
With each passing day, more and more people learn about the metaverse. But with its name being used by Facebook and the definition growing rather blurry, many struggle to define what the metaverse actually is. Today we explore the metaverse concept and if Minecraft is the unexpected key to its future.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse, at its core, is something of science fiction. The internet as a single virtual world accessed through true virtual reality. Chances are you have read a book, seen a show, or watched a movie that has used the concept in some shape or form. The main character traversing a virtual city where everything that makes the internet the internet is represented as buildings or parts of the city, being a common depiction of the metaverse in media.

Does the Metaverse Exist Today?

Sadly, there is no big city acting as the hub for the internet, but the metaverse does exist in some other ways, at least in part. Games that place players in an online world where they can live their lives and socialize could be described as part of the metaverse. Sure, no virtual bus was taken to get there, but users still arrived at a three-dimensional destination online where they could interact with others using virtual bodies. Minecraft is one such example of this. However, in recent years, Facebook has taken the name in an attempt to create the metaverse themselves. A venture that has led them down quite the rocky path, to say the least. But that does not mean there is no future for the metaverse.

Is Minecraft the Future of Metaverse?

While Minecraft may seem like an unlikely candidate to host everything that is the internet, the rise of covid caused Minecraft to become much more of a metaverse than any could have expected. It began with high school students unable to hold their prom, so instead, they held prom in Minecraft. The school was built to scale, skins were made of suits and dresses, and students enjoyed virtual reality in place of reality. From there, this unique usage of Minecraft spread, and everything from proms to concerts to graduations were being hosted in our beloved blocky virtual reality. BisectHosting even had the opportunity to sponsor a few! But the main take away that each occurred naturally. Minecraft is a household name, relatively cheap to obtain, and easy to understand. Blocks make up the world, and the simple avatars represent the players. This level of accessibility and ease of use made Minecraft the go-to choice for hosting events in an online three-dimensional world. Classrooms nowadays are even using it to teach! No other platform has passively had this much success with creating the metaverse, and if Mojang and Microsoft capitalize on the possibilities, they could very well have the very first true metaverse on their hands. Be it one rather blocky. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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