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Hytale News Winter 2023: Engine Progress & What’s Ahead

Posted on by amber
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Despite many expecting to wait another year, the Hytale team arrived to bring us some much-needed winter cheer! So, today in our Hytale News Winter 2023 coverage, we explore all the engine updates, Hytale’s kweebec, and what the team aims for in the first half of next year.

Engine Progress

Hytale Orbis Art During previous developer updates, the Hytale team shared that they were making a new engine from the ground up, and as of today, we know its completion is on the horizon! In the meantime, the legacy engine continues to be used for prototyping experiences and improving their development process. So, when exactly can we expect the engine to be done? No date was given, but later in the update, they shared that their aim was to have the entire team onboarded to the new engine during the first half of next year.

Kweebec Treesingers & Growing Lore

Hytale News Winter 2023: Kweebec Art Jumping over to the world of Orbis, the Hytale team was excited to share their expanding lore on previously teased creatures and NPCs. Using Kweebec as an example, they spoke on how they reach an age where they plant their roots and become a tree. However, Kweebec Treesingers are elders who resist this urge and act as guides for generations to come. Kweebec were the only example shown, but if similar treatment was given to the other NPCs of the world, Orbis will be as immersive as can be. Speaking of which, we also learned of “The Capital,” where player characters known as “Avatars” will gather! In lore, it appears to be a floating city built by avatars to showcase their achievements of the past and those to come. In-game it will be the central hub where players can socialize, trade, and enjoy minigames. This section ended with a statement that more information would soon arrive.

Hytale News Witner 2023: Goals for 2024

Hytale News Winter 2023: The Capital Art Engine progress appears to be their focus for the first half of 2024, but they added that they will also be ramping up external playtests. Perhaps this means sneak peeks from those lucky enough to go? In either case, the success of these steps will mean Hytale can enter full production. Sadly, no release date or roadmaps have been given at this time.

Hytale News Winter 2023: Engine Progress & What’s Ahead

Every developer update brings us one step closer to the day we can play, and for some lucky playtesters, it may not be that far away! Should applications ever open up, you will find the information here that very same day. Until Next Time, BisectHosting
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