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HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update: Patch Notes, New Game Mode, Multistory Buildings, & More

Posted on by justin
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Ridding the world of Zeeks is now even more fun than before, thanks to the HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update. This patch brings new dangers and objectives for survivors to experience and enjoy. There's also a new game mode wherein players must defend waves of Zeeks every in-game day. With that, let's dive into the HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun update and its exciting patch notes.

What’s in the HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update?

HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update The HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update brings new additions, changes, quality-of-life improvements, and bug fixes to the post-apocalyptic zombie survival title. First, players can test their skills in the new game mode called Swamp Survival. Here, survivors must defend themselves against a seemingly unending gauntlet of the undead. Additionally, players can now find and explore multistory buildings in the game. Now, players can locate and go into tall establishments in different parts of the map and take the loot for themselves. However, exploring this world run by the undead is now more threatening than before, thanks to new Zeek models. Aside from the old zombie menace, survivors must now use their abilities and gear to defeat new Zeeks, such as new runners, walkers, and police officers. If it seems like the Zeeks are overpowering you with their numbers, flee the scene with new vehicle models, especially when completing tasks like repairing the Radio Tower. Now, you can repair and drive vehicles, like muscle and rally cars. Apart from these additions, the HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update also adds various changes, such as an increase to the base defense health. Also, the Improvised Axe now has more durability than before. Additionally, getting crafted items will now stack whenever possible.

HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Patch Notes – February 26, 2024

The HumanitZ Outlast and Outrun Update brings more to the game than the additions and changes mentioned above. So, here’s the full patch notes to the game’s latest major update:
New Additions
  • Scenario game mode unlocked
  • This is the first scenario map called Swamp Survival, where you have to defend waves of Zeeks each day.
  • Multistory Buildings
  • Multistory buildings added to parts of the map, and new POIs created
  • Brand new Vehicles (muscle car, rally car, luxury car, new SUV)
  • Brand new Zeek threat
  • New Zeek models (Runners, Medical, Police, walkers and more)
  • New base building stairs.
  • New in-game challenges to complete.
  • Base defence health increased.
  • Improvised Axe will now lose durability faster.
  • Changes to the map and new locations.
  • Added server settings for cleaning up items on the ground and white building blueprints.
  • ClearAllFakeBuildings command should now work in dedicated if admin.
  • Stats page UI updated.
QoL Improvements
  • List of servers will place favorites on top
  • Crafted items should now stack if possible
  • Logs that spawn from cutting down a tree now spawn in random locations not in one pile.
Bug Fixes
  • Added additional check when using the unstuck command to prevent teleport cheating.
  • Added check to cancel zombie bite when dead.
  • Fixed weapon attachment not installed when equipping through the right click menu.
  • When in water, interaction of actors/vehicles etc. takes priority over collecting water.
  • Fixed drag and drop from trader glitch (stops you stealing from Buck!).
  • Fixed dismantle not refunding items (max stack issue)
  • Fixed durability not updating visually when swapping items in container
  • When you have a stamina boost and you drop weight your stamina will now regen as normal.
  • Fixed connect to IP (Use steam query port).
  • Fixed issue with cooking stove in the campervan.
  • Fixed dogs spawns so they don't get stuck and cannot be claimed.
  • Fixed facial hair color not respected when selecting a preset.
  • Fixed issues with Japanese localization.
Coming Soon/WIP
  • Map optimization and level streaming to improve performance.
  • Quest system.
  • Steam Deck development.
  • Improved controller/gamepad support.
  • Food Spoiling.
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