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How to Make Easter Eggs in Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft does not offer Easter Eggs by default, but these colorful holiday items can still be added through building or third-party means. Today we explore how to make Easter eggs in Minecraft using a few different methods.

Building: How to build an Easter egg in Minecraft (tutorial)

If there is no mind for the size, building Easter eggs is one of the more fun and creative ways to hide some eggs. The best part? Items can be hidden inside as well! However, we are aware more spherical builds are not always so easy. Thankfully guides like Faberistry’s show us step by step how to make eggs and more.

Texture Packs: Easter EGG!

How to Make Easter Eggs: Easter Egg Texture Pack Preview Image

Another vanilla method of making Easter eggs is through Minecraft texture packs! These nifty tools replace vanilla textures and can be used client-side or on a server. In this case, rotgruengelb has created a simple pack that replaces the vanilla egg with more colorful Easter versions. A perfect and quick way to set up an Easter egg hunt!

Plugins: EasterEggs

For those running spigot servers, this absolutely fantastic plugin offers one of the best ways to make Easter eggs in Minecraft and does so using player heads. With a few simple commands and no mods at all, servers can have fully collectible eggs that remain even after the plugin is gone.

Mods: Easter Rabbits

Minecraft Screenshot: Egg and Bunny

The final item on our list is a forge mod that combines perfectly with the previously listed texture pack. Easter Rabbits! This simple mod does one thing and one thing only, allowing bunnies to lay eggs. Something that will surely surprise a few friends while automatically hiding eggs throughout the world!

A Festive List’s End

Easter has come and gone, but we hope these five methods for making Easter eggs in Minecraft have brought a little cheer. For myself, I love building and hiding eggs deep in ravines to confuse my friends every year. Are there any traditions your server shares?

Until Next Time,

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