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How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes)
The newly added mace is one of the strongest weapons around, but where exactly are the parts to craft it found? Today, we answer that question and more in “How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials.”

Required Materials

  1. Heavy Core
  2. Breeze Rod
Crafting the race requires only two items, but they are not so easily obtained. The first is the heavy core, which has a low chance of being rewarded from ominous vaults, and the second is a breeze rod, which drops from breeze mobs. This leaves the first step of our journey to find a trial chamber, as both are items located exclusively inside.

1) Finding a Trial Chamber

How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials: Trial Chamber Entrance Screenshot Trial chambers generate underground between layers -20 and -40 and can be found by mining around. However, if there is trouble finding the structure, purchasing a trial chamber map from a cartographer villager is another option. This will reveal the location of a trial chamber nearby.

2) Trial Spawners & Ominous Bottles

Minecraft 1.21 Ominous Bottle Once a trial chamber’s copper and tuff walls have been found, ensure your combat gear is in proper order before heading inside. Here, you will find a variety of rooms with different designs, including some where trial spawners reside. Be sure to slay all the enemies that trial spawners spawn to claim the rewards they provide. One in particular, called an “ominous bottle,” will be needed a little further down the line. Ominous bottles have an 18.6% chance of dropping.

3) Breeze Rods

How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials: Breeze Chamber Screenshot Breeze rods are a 100% drop from the breeze, which spawns from select trial spawners. To know if the trial spawner you have found spawns a breeze, look at the blocks surrounding its base. Chiseled copper and chiseled tuff blocks indicate the breeze. Only one breeze rod is needed for the mace, but clearing their trial spawners for more ominous bottles will only help with the steps that remain.

4) Trial Omens

Minecraft 1.21 Ominous Event Trial Omen Status Effect The final item, called a heavy core, comes from ominous vaults. However, looting an ominous vault first requires an ominous trial key. Begin by drinking the contents of the ominous bottles while in or around a trial chamber. This will grant the bad omen debuff, which turns into a trial omen debuff. Once the trial omen debuff is in effect, trial spawners should become ominous trial spawners, which then have a chance to drop ominous trial keys. But be careful! Ominous trial spawners are very difficult, so be ready to face empowered enemies alongside a barrage of damaging projectiles and potions.

5) Ominous Vaults

Minecraft 1.21 Ominous Vault Block After obtaining an ominous trial key, all that remains is finding an ominous vault and hoping luck will grant us the heavy core we need. Unfortunately, heavy cores only have an 8.3% chance of dropping, meaning an average of 12 ominous vaults will need to be unlocked before one heavy core is found. Due to the small number of ominous vaults in any given trial chamber, finding another trial chamber may be required.

How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials

How to Craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials: Mace Recipe Screenshot With the heavy core and breeze rod in hand, the mace can be crafted right from your inventory. Place the heavy core anywhere on the top row, and then place the breeze rod directly underneath. Your brand-new mace is now complete!
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