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Five Must Try Tech Modpacks for Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting
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With any new start in Minecraft, a small tech-tree is climbed. First comes wood, then stone, iron, diamond, and finally netherite. But what if you could go beyond? Not just in terms of armor and swords but beyond the very square planet you spawned upon. Today we will be looking at five tech modpacks for Minecraft that put your mind to the test and encourage automation as you explore the stars above.

Sky Factory 4

Sky Factory 4 Logo

The first on our list of must try tech modpacks for Minecraft is Sky Factory 4. Your adventure begins on a small island in the sky with only a tree and a couple of starting items by your side. Then, with those meager beginnings, create an automated empire.

This modpack requires the knowledge of some niche block interactions, and the first attempt can be difficult, but the reward of knowing it all began on a simple island makes every step worth it. Join over seven million others in the sky and try not to fall!

Create: Above and Beyond

Do you like redstone, overly complex designs, and creating spaceship factories? If so, “Create: Above and Beyond” is the modpack for you! This tech modpack for Minecraft focuses on creating a factory that grows more complex as discoveries are made, all with the end goal of making it to space.

Do not expect it to be easy, however! Reaching the end of this modpack requires complicated automation, programming rocket ships, and alchemical research to tie it all together. But don’t take our word for it! The trailer above shows just how complex this modpack can be.

MC Eternal

MC Eternal Logo

Looking for a tech modpack with a bit more to it? Then look no further than MC Eternal! This modpack has all the tech you adore but with adventure, RPG, and magic perfectly tied together. Breeze through handmade quests using your technological advancements, automate a factory to run while you explore a dungeon, or drop a nuke on a boss and watch the world burn.

MCEternal has something for everyone, and even those who prefer to avoid tech mods are known to enjoy it. A perfect option for friend groups with diverse mod preferences.

SevTech: Ages

SevTech: Ages Logo

Are you a fan of rewarding long-term progression systems and technological advancement? Then SevTech: Ages may just be the modpack for you! Beginning in the stone age, work your way to the future unlocking ores and recipes along the way. But don’t expect any shortcuts! Ores and recipes are hidden until sufficient advancements have been made.

Age by age overcome the test of time in this one of a kind modpack. Our personal recommendation if you are a fan of Civilization!

Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles

Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles Logo

Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles offer various mods just as its title would suggest but in a completely custom and painstakingly balanced way. Separate paths of tech and magic stand before you, but to reach the true end game, both must be mastered and their powers combined.

The developer behind this modpack went above and beyond to ensure magic and tech do not exist as separate entities but two tech trees that eventually merge. And that’s not to mention the 1750+ quests that await! Explore the stars, tame some dragons, and conquer the world of this hardcore adventure and expert quest-pack.

A Data-log’s End

Our second entry into the five must try modpacks series has reached its end, and just like with our last, we hope it has helped in finding a new modpack to enjoy. Tech mods can be a bit complicated, but as someone who used to avoid them, automating the game to play itself never stops being rewarding.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

Are these five modpacks multiplayer compatible?

They are indeed!

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