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Five Must Try Dimension Mods for Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

There was nothing more exciting than building a portal and stepping into the nether for the first time. The wonder and danger of it being memories I will never forget. However, time has passed, and there is little mystery left. But what if you could experience it all again? Today we explore five must try dimension mods for Minecraft.

The Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest Logo

A forest as far as the eye can see, mystical creatures peeking from behind trees, and dungeons that are not so easy to beat. The Twilight Forest Mod adds not only a new dimension but multiple bosses and fully fledge dungeons. Hours of content await within this strange and magical land, but whether you will survive it… We will just have to see if you can.

Join nearly 70 million others in the most popular dimension mod and rekindle that wonder and mystery once again.

The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities mod is a new dimension where a city stretches far beyond the horizon. The buildings are empty, the streets without life, and there is not a single citizen in sight. It is much like the overworld, but with cities and highways generating no matter how far you go.

This mod is unique because it can also be used as the overworld rather than a dimension. The best part? It’s entirely server-side, meaning vanilla clients can still connect! The perfect mod for those wanting a more apocalyptic take on their next Minecraft playthrough.

The Aether

The Aether Logo

High in the sky is a land of floating isles, flying dungeons, and terrifying drops. It is also the dimension responsible for tricking many young Minecrafters. The Aether Mod! Despite being for 1.12.2, it holds up just as well as it did all that time ago and is worth at least one playthrough.

Not to be confused with Bedrock Edition’s The Aether, a DLC adventure map.

Blue Skies

The next dimension mod takes us back to the surface where an elusive villager called the gatekeeper must be found. Only with his knowledge and a key can you traverse the two new dimensions that he has locked away. One everbright and cold while the other is everdawn and warm.

Inside both are an abundance of new blocks, items, mobs, dungeons, and bosses. To conquer it all will be quite the journey!

The Abyss II – The Other Side

The final dimension mod on our list takes players deep into a dark abyss lost to time to save the overworld from experiencing a similar demise. Not only does this mod add three dimensions and multiple bosses, but it adds an entire magic system complete with mana and artifacts that you can take home as a sign of triumph.

But gameplay aside, the Abyss II makes fantastic use of illumination and colors in a land of darkness. A stunningly beautiful mod that will leave those who explore it in awe.

Five Must Try Dimension Mods for Minecraft

Thanks to Java Edition’s creative modding community, our adventures never need to end. Enjoy that wonder and mystery again and again. But unfortunately, our list of magical worlds has come to a close. Be careful exploring and watch those portals! They are the only way home.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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