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Find the Stronghold in Three Easy Steps

Posted on by amber
Taking on Minecraft’s final boss first requires players to find the elusive stronghold. A task that can be just as challenging as the Ender Dragon itself! Today we streamline the process and provide precisely how to find the stronghold in three easy steps.

Step 1, Eyes of Ender

Minecraft Inventory Screenshot The first step to finding the stronghold is crafting Eyes of Ender. When thrown, these nifty eyes will float towards the closet stronghold. They are even used to open the end portal once the stronghold is found! We recommend making 16 before venturing forward into the unknown. That may seem like a lot, but for those prone to lousy RNG and losing sight of floating eyes, it’s not bad to have a few extra. Eyes of Ender are crafted using one ender pearl and one blaze powder.

Step 2, Digging Down

Minecraft Cave Screenshot With your Eyes of Ender in hand, it’s now time to travel! Strongholds can be quite far away, so ensure sufficient food has been brought along to last at least a few days. But don’t forget the stronghold is underground! A pickaxe and torches will be needed as well. Once the Eyes of Ender begin floating downward into the ground, your stronghold has been found! Now it is simply a matter of digging down. Strongholds generally generate in positive Y values, but players have reported rare cases of them appearing even deeper since the Caves and Cliffs Update.

Step 3, Searching Around

Minecraft Stronghold Screenshot Lucky players will fall right into the stronghold while digging down, but others may need to mine around. It can get frustrating but don’t give up! The stronghold will eventually be found! A few general tips:
  • A Y value of -10 usually means a little too deep. Chances are the stronghold has been passed!
  • If the stronghold is difficult to find, double-check that you are digging down exactly where the eye of ender meets the ground.
  • In Bedrock Edition, the stronghold is always beneath a village. The well may even lead to it!

Find the Stronghold in Three Easy Steps

With these three steps, those pesky ruins should now be found! The only way an eye of ender is wrong is if the chunks were already generated with a version older then 1.18. Luckily, this can be fixed with a chunk reset! We hope this guide has helped, but for an extra bit of help don’t forget the /locate structure stronghold command will work as well. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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