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How to Get the Rake in Enshrouded

Posted on by justin
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Enshrouded offers open-world exploration with creative building. Players can even shape the land to their liking with the help of the Rake. Here, you'll learn how to get the Rake in Enshrouded, especially if you're an aspiring terraformer.

How to Craft the Rake in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Rake Generally, any newly awakened Flameborn can craft the Rake in Enshrouded, particularly after reaching Level 2. The only major requirements should be crafting the Workbench and awakening the Blacksmith. Then, interact with the Workbench and use the following materials to craft this tool:
  • 6x Wood Logs
  • 2x String
  • 2x Stone

How to Use the Rake in Enshrouded

Also called the Landscape Smoothing Tool, the Rake in Enshrouded allows you to flatten the land. Simply equip the tool and press the action button (left mouse click by default) to swing the Rake. Doing so will level the area according to the surroundings. For example, using the Rake on an area near a mound raises that region.

Rake Recipe Missing Bug and How to Fix It

Remember, Enshrouded is still an Early Access title at the time of writing. So, some bugs may surface during this period, including one wherein the Rake recipe is missing from the Workbench crafting menu. Note that you can still get the Scrappy Rake recipe as you progress. However, one of its ingredients is the Basic Rake. Additionally, the game locks players out of making the standard Rake if they don’t craft this tool after reaching Level 5. Currently, there’s no word from developer Keen Games about a permanent fix. However, some players discovered some workarounds to prevent this tragedy from happening. The first method is by creating a new character. Next, fast-travel to your base after awakening. Once you're in the base, interact with the Workbench, and the Rake recipe should appear. If not, use your character to join a multiplayer server with the Rake crafting recipe in its Workbench. Craft the Rake and place it in your inventory. Return to your world, and you should now have this tool permanently. Note: Enshrouded Patch #1 v0.7.0.1 fixed this issue, allowing players to access the Rake crafting recipe after completing its requirements.
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