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Enshrouded Metal Scraps Farming Guide: Best Locations, Enemies, & All Recipes

Posted on by justin
Unleash the explorer in you, Flameborn, and pour in a hint of resourcefulness to farm Metal Scraps in Enshrouded. Although not a difficult resource to collect, knowing where to find this item can save you hours of aimless searching. So, keep reading as we guide you into finding this essential item.

Enshrouded Metal Scraps Guide: Best Farming Locations, Enemies, & Uses

Enshrouded Metal Scraps

It’s important to mention that farming Metal Scraps in Enshrouded can be crucial for progression. Use it to craft various items ranging from early-game tools to base decorations. With that, players can generally find Metal Scraps in chests and abandoned workbenches. Ensure you're close enough to these items when they drop, as they may blend with the environment, making them difficult to see. Alternatively, some enemies can drop Metal Scraps when defeated. In particular, search and take down Scavengers, for they will likely drop Metal Scraps, along with Fur and Animal Skins, when killed. There are some Scavengers roaming around the Blacksmith, which is an excellent place to start farming for this resource. Enshrouded Metal Scraps Scavengers Some locations also have Metal Scraps for the taking. Certain early-game examples of these places include Longkeep, Braelyn Bridge, and Rookmore.

What Are Metal Scraps Used For in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Metal Scraps Usage Flameborns can use Metal Scraps to craft a range of items, including the Grappling Hook. Other items you can craft with this resource include the following:
  • Forge: 30x Stone, 10x Charcoal, 12x Wooden Logs, and 10x Metal Scraps
  • 100x Nails: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrappy Axe: 3x String, 1x Shroud Wood, and 4x Metal Scraps
  • Scrappy Pickaxe: 1x Shroud Wood and 8x Metal Scraps
  • Scrappy Rake: 1x Rake, 1x Charcoal, and 2x Metal Scraps
  • Lockpick: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrappy Sword: 1x Wood Logs, 2x Nails, and 3x Metal Scraps
  • Fur Chest: 2x String, 3x Animal Fur, 1x Torn Cloth, and 2x Metal Scraps
  • Fur Gloves: 1x Strong, 2x Torn Cloth, and 2x Metal Scraps
  • Fur Trousers: 1x Torn Cloth, 2x String, 2x Animal Fur, and 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrap Platter: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrap Cup: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrap Jug: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Scrap Bowl: 1x Metal Scraps
  • Alchemist Apprentice Hat: 2x Bonemeal, 2x Torn Cloth, 1x String, and 1x Metal Scraps
  • Alchemist Apprentice Chest: 5x Torn Cloth, 5x String, 7x Bonemeal, and 2x Metal Scraps
  • Alchemist Apprentice Gloves: 2x Torn Cloth, 4x String, 2x Bonemeal, and 1x Metal Scraps
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