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Enshrouded Luminous Growth Farming Guide: Best Locations and All Uses

Posted on by justin
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Inspiration and innovation are the foundations that allow Enshrouded to stand out from other titles in the survival videogame space. One in-game material to shine light into your imaginative gears is the Luminous Growth. So, continue reading this guide on farming Luminous Growth in Enshrouded if you're looking for this somewhat elusive resource.

Enshrouded Luminous Growth: Best Locations

Enshrouded Luminous Growth Location Perhaps the most convenient way to get some Luminous Growth in Enshrouded and unlock its crafting recipes is during the Hunter's Hand Spindle quest. As its name implies, you must summon the Hunter NPC before taking on this quest. Once accepted, travel south of the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel marker. You'll likely notice a pair of glowing pillars at the cave entrance leading to the quest. So, equip your Pickaxe, use the key bound to the use item command, and use it on those bright structures to get Luminous Growth. Note: It might be easier to see Luminous Growth nodes than before, thanks to Update #1 v0.7.0.1. Alternatively, you can get Luminous Growth near the southeasternmost part of the map in the Kindlewastes. Here, you can find various glowing surfaces for your Pickaxe, allowing you to farm Luminous Growth. But be careful, for Kindlewastes is not ideal for beginners. Ensure you have the best equipment and skills possible before venturing into this region. Otherwise, else death will come knocking on your door sooner than later.

Luminous Growth Uses

Enshrouded Luminous Growth The primary use of Luminous Growth in Enshrouded is an ingredient in crafting various lighting fixtures. These craftable items are the following:
  • Chandelier: 2x Iron Bars, 3x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 4x Luminous Growth, and 4x Goo
  • Lantern: 4x Iron Bars, 4x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 2x Sandstone, and 2x Luminous Growth
  • Wall Lantern: 1x Iron Bars, 2x Charcoal, 2x Glass, 2x Goo, and 2x Luminous Growth
  • Luminescent Block: 5x Stone and 5x Luminous Growth
Apart from crafting light sources for your base, make and place Luminescent Blocks as walls, floors, and ceilings. Doing so can create a dreamy effect, providing a comfortable respite for the weary Flameborn. One example of this creative approach to using Luminescent Blocks is by Reddit user Dr4cul3. This community member made a ceiling from these glowing blocks over the base's plants to produce a hydroponic feel.
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