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Enshrouded Amber Farming Guide: Best Locations, How to Get, & All Uses

Posted on by justin
Exploring within the Shroud can impair a Flameborn's vision, making it challenging to spot essential resources, such as Amber. Remember, you're not alone in the search for this somewhat elusive material. However, we're here to help you farm Amber in Enshrouded through this guide.

Enshrouded Amber Locations (Best Farming Spots)

Enshrouded Amber Players can find Amber mining spots in different locations around Embervale. However, some areas around the Revelwood Ancient Spire, which is at the far northwestern region of Embervale, contain clusters of Amber gathering spots (marked by yellow circles in the picture below). Enshrouded Amber Locations (1) Note that Amber has an orange color lined with a smooth texture. Additionally, you’ll typically have to enter the Shroud to find these mining spots. So, peel your eyes for bright orange marks on walls and pillars. Also, your Flame Level must be at least Level 3 to venture into the Shrouded areas around the Revelwood Ancient Spire. If not, you’ll likely die faster than intended and drop some items from your backpack. Remember, all resources respawn each time you reload the map for single-player instances. If you’re playing in an online multiplayer server, you must wait for the Amber mining locations to respawn over time.

Amber Recipes & Uses in Enshrouded

Flame Altar
  • Strengthen the Flame (Level 4): 15x Goo, 15x Mycelium, 10x Spark, 15x Indigo Plant, 15x Amber, 15x Copper Ore, and 1x Fell Wispwyvern Head
  • Ghostly Shield: 4x Amber, 2x Copper Bar, and 2x Charcoal
  • Mercenary Chest: 5x Linen, 3x Leather, 3x Charcoal, 4x Bronze Bars, and 6x Amber
  • Guardian Helmet: 3x Amber, 3x Bronze Bars, and 2x Charcoal
  • Guardian Chestplate: 5x Linen, 4x Leather, 6x Bronze Bars, 3x Amber, and 3x Charcoal
  • Guardian Gloves: 2x Linen, 2x Leather, 3x Bronze Bars, 2x Amber, and 2x Charcoal
  • Guardian Boots: 6x Linen, 2x Leather, 4x Amber, 3x Bronze Bars, and 2x Charcoal
  • Tank Chestplate: 5x Linen, 3x Charcoal, 2x Dried Fur, 5x Copper Bar, and 3x Amber
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