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Defeating the Wither in Three Easy Steps

Posted on by amber
Defeating the Wither is quite the feat, but a little preparation is all one truly needs. So, today we explore how to defeat the Wither in the three easiest steps ever seen.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Diamond/Netherite Armor with Blast Protection Enchantment
  • Diamond/Netherite Sword with Smite Enchantment
  • Bow with Power Enchantment
  • Golden Apples
  • Healing Potions
  • Totem of Undying (Optional)
Listed above are all the items an aspiring Wither slayer requires! Blast protection armor to protect against the Wither’s exploding projectiles, a smite sword that deals a ton of extra damage to undead, and a bow with power for when the Wither takes to the air. As for food, golden apples make players nearly invincible, and healing potions are life saviors in emergencies. Those most worried can also bring a totem of undying to counter any unforeseen circumstances. Finally, the battlefield is key! Trapping the Wither in a ravine or cavern will make the fight much easier than somewhere like the surface where it can fly free.

Step 2: Summoning the Wither

Building the Wither Screenshot Four soul soil or soul sand and three Wither Skeleton Skulls are required to proceed. To find these items, players must brave the depths of the nether. Soul Sand and Soul Soil are abundant and can be found across multiple nether biomes, while wither skulls are a 2.5% drop from Wither Skeletons in nether fortresses. This very low chance can also be increased by having the looting enchantment on your weapon, but not by much, sadly. In Java Edition, Looting III increases the drop chance to 5.5%, and in Bedrock Edition, Looting III increases it to 8.5%. In either case, be ready to hunt and kill quite a few. Once all the items are gathered and everyone is ready for battle, the Wither can be created by placing the four previously gathered soul sand or soul soil in a “T” shape. Specifically, a “T” two blocks tall and three across. Once set up, the three wither skulls are placed directly on top of the “T,” but make sure everything is ready before placing the last skull!

Step 3: Defeating the Wither

Fighting the Wither Screenshot When the Wither first spawns, there will be a short charge-up period followed by an explosion. It is at that point that the Wither takes flight and the battle begins. We recommend using this short period to get back and ready your ranged weapon because once the Wither rises, it will float overhead, shooting wither skulls down until phase two. Do your best to dodge and fire back until the Wither reaches 50% health but don’t forget to be quick! The wither heals passively throughout the entire fight. When the Wither falls below 50% health, phase two begins. The Wither gains wither armor, making it immune to arrows and tridents while also bringing the battle to close combat. Melee weapons are used at this point but watch out for the wither skulls still being fired! In Java Edition, the fight remains as described until the Wither dies. Bedrock players will find a much more unfortunate fate, however. Phase two begins with another explosion which spawns four wither skeletons while the Wither dashes directly for the player destroying any blocks in its way. The combat that ensues will consist of the Wither firing four close-range skull bursts, one of which blue. Be ready for a tough fight, but don’t give up! Victory will soon arrive!

The Spoils

With the Wither slain, it is now time to loot! Fifty levels of experience and a Nether Star should be waiting where the Wither died. We hope our guide has helped and your new beacons glow bright, but for now, we wave away the Wither’s dark night. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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