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DayZ Update 1.24 Patch Notes & What to Expect in 2024

Posted on by justin
DayZ continues to solidify its commitment to providing fun for zombie apocalypse survivors, particularly with the latest patch. In the DayZ Update 1.24, players can enjoy a new weapon, new variants for a helmet, and many enhancements and bug fixes.

What’s in DayZ Update 1.24?

DayZ Update 1.24 Developer Bohemia Interactive continues to add more content to the game with each update, especially with the DayZ Update 1.24. In particular, this patch adds a new Vikhr Rifle, which Experimental Branch players should already be familiar with. This gun uses the new 30-roun 9x39mm magazine, which is compatible with all 9x39mm rifles. Additionally, players can customize their characters with more cosmetic gear, including the new camouflage variants of the ballistic helmet. It can also help protect your head from an otherwise fatal headshot. Update 1.24 also brings a plethora of improvements and bug fixes. For instance, players should now notice smoother weapon handling than before, especially with obstacles nearby. Also, blunt melee weapons now deal more damage against wild animals and the infected.

What to Expect for DayZ in 2024

Apart from the announcement that DayZ 1.24 is going live, the developers also highlighted specific elements that players can expect from the game in 2024. For starters, players can expect more character cosmetics to be added to the game, along with an exotic long-range rifle. Additionally, the announcement mentions that the audio team is working hard on reworking the sounds of firearms. Also, expect that new action sounds, nuanced ambient music, and audio balances will arrive at DayZ in an undisclosed version update in 2024. Aside from the additions, enhancements, and fixes from the DayZ Update 1.24, other things that may arrive in DayZ in 2024 include the following:
  • Wider wildlife variety
  • Improved terrain tools, including the Terrain Builder
  • Enhanced survival mechanics
  • New additions to staple events (e.g., Warpugis, Halloween, and Christmas events)

DayZ Update 1.24 Full Patch Notes – February 20, 2024

Below are the full patch notes for DayZ Update 1.24 for the game’s PC version:
  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.
  • Vikhr rifle
  • 30rd 9x39mm magazine for the Vikhr, ASVAL and VSS rifles
  • Camouflage variants of the ballistic helmet
  • Updated book shelves with the winning entries of our #DayZBookZ contest
  • Sounds for crafting improvised clothing from rags
  • Sounds for crafting base-building kits
  • Sounds for crafting a bone knife
  • Sounds for wringing out clothing
  • Sounds for splitting firewood
  • Sounds for breaking down bushes with hands
  • Animations for cleaning hands with the cooking pot and gasoline canister
  • Server browser filter for 1st and 3rd person servers
  • Control hints for the in-game map
  • The heavy melee attack was displayed with the wrong key assigned in the settings
  • Weapons could desynchronize when modified outside of the players network range
  • Item interaction by a player who just left another players network bubble could result in item desynchronization
  • The microphone icon could be displayed on-screen with no microphone connected when in voice activation mode and lowest voice threshold
  • Bolts attached to a door wouldn't move or animate with a vehicle
  • Unloading a bolt with full inventory would reset the bolt health to full (
  • Corpses could not be pulled out of vehicles properly
  • Fixed an exploit to glitch the camera through walls
  • Weather could be desynchronized for players
  • Bolts shot on players or creatures would attach in the wrong direction (
  • Potatoes would yield full quantity when peeled regardless of the tool used
  • When standing up from prone with raised hands, the camera would not properly follow the player
  • It was possible for players to rotate with their dead bodies until respawn
  • All colored skirts appeared blue on female characters (
  • Some birch trees were offering the option to collect dark bark
  • The lab coat was not correctly reflecting damage visually
  • The leather duffel bag had wrong buttons being displayed (
  • The blue hoodie was displayed as red in the inventory view
  • The sling bag was clipping with most clothing items on the female model
  • Several items were displayed too big in the inventory view
  • It was possible to shoot through some corners of the base fence
  • It was possible to get stuck in the blocking position if activating it right after picking up a firearm
  • Unjamming the AUR AX would play the wrong sound
  • The jammed state of firearm models was not synchronized when on the ground
  • The camera was briefly in the wrong position after waking up from unconsciousness in a car
  • Padded gloves could not be repaired with a leather sewing kit
  • No widget allowed to attach barbed wire or camo net to a fence or watchtower (,
  • The widget of the watchtower's roof blocked widgets for other walls
  • The large entry door of the cement works played the wrong sound (
  • It was possible for the stagger animation to be skipped ( - private)
  • Infected were reacting to suppressed shots over long ranges (
  • It was possible to push a car while a gear was clutched
  • Firearms would twitch in some cases when too close to obstacles
  • An error with despawning base-building objects could result in invisible barbed wire ( - private)
  • The state of the crossbow was not always correctly saved during server restarts
  • The inventory view was sometimes cut off in narrow screen resolutions (,,
  • Fixed a game crash that could occur when connecting to multiple servers at the same time
  • The combine button did not work when an item was in the cargo of another held item
  • Fixed an exploit that created infinite amounts of liquids
  • Some item spawn points inside the bus wreck were in the ground or floating (
  • Two players putting an item from their hands into the same cargo slot could result in desync
  • Reduced server performance load on player-(dis)connection and -respawn (
  • It was not possible to remove items fast from a incapacitated player or infected through CTRL+LMB
  • It was possible to get stuck in prone by using the portable map with enabled "use3DMap: true" settings (
  • Fixed a server crash related to player death
  • Items dropped next to a fence or gate could not be picked back up (
  • Fixed an animation glitch that allowed passing below walls faster than intended
  • It was not possible to refuel a torch while it was burning (
  • The large ship wreck had several collision issues (,
  • Ambient fruits from trees were still spawning at their old positions at the NWA ( - private)
  • Items in the Chernogorsk hotel were spawned below the map
  • Fixed rendering distance for the city hospital ( - private)
  • Some spawn points at the military truck wrecks were not accessible (
  • Some sounds were overlapping each other multiple times during one action, resulting in distorted audio (
  • Fixed an exploit related to inventory interactions ( - private)
  • Fixed some misplaced street lights (, - private)
  • Characters could end up with their hands stuck in raised pose while in tight spaces
  • Bandaging with rags and bandages would take the same amount of time (
  • Switching weapon magazines through drag and drop could result in desynchronization (
  • Changed the collision checks for weapon raising for better accuracy
  • Reconfigured the calculation of weapon lengths for more accurate collision detection
  • Shock damage of blunt weapons will now partially be translated into health damage when fighting infected and animals
  • Bandaging is now a continuous action when treating multiple cuts
  • Removed outdated server browser filters
  • Partial optimizations on the network traffic (
  • Simplified collisions of trees for better behavior with vehicles and reduced performance impact from penetrating shots
  • Gave basic chemical protection to the OKZK cap
  • The great helmet, chestplate, tripod and barrel can now be repaired using the blow torch
  • Pulling a body from a vehicle is now done by simply pressing F instead of holding
  • Adjusted insulation values of tracksuits and police clothing for consistency (
  • Re-balanced the weight of tools and melee weapons
  • Reduced the weight of shovels (
  • Reduced the weight of plant material (
  • It is no longer possible to split plant material
  • Adjusted the recoil of several automatic firearms
  • Reduced the fire rate of the Vaiga and slightly lowered its recoil
  • Reduced area in which infected will be alerted by bullet impacts
  • Reduced the alert level impact on infected by suppressed shots
  • Slightly increased the silencing effect of the pistol suppressor
  • Regular infected will keep their alert state for slightly longer periods
  • Tweaked the overheating particles of firearms
  • Updated sounds of the SK 59/66 rifle
  • Updated the game credits
  • Updated the Lukov Airfield
  • Added: Linux server files (Documentation)
  • Added: PlayerSpawnEditor now has (?) next to values to tell you more about them
  • Added: It is now possible to have player spawn points not generate a grid and stay a singular spawn point by setting density to 0
  • Added: Player spawn point editor now saves which subwindows are hidden and what checkboxes were ticked
  • Added: Player spawn point editor now has options for the debug shapes being drawn
  • Added: Player Spawn Points can now avoid triggers
  • Added: <groups_as_regular> was using its default value, but was not defined in playerspawnpoints.xml (Documentation)
  • Fixed: PlayerSpawnEditor duplicating group points into regular points when saving with <groups_as_regular>true</groups_as_regular>
  • Fixed: Servers with verifySignatures=0 should no longer disconnect players in the queue due to validation errors (
  • Fixed: Linux: Json files loaded through script had capitalization (
  • Fixed: An unused event was causing errors in logs (
  • Changed: Player Spawn Points will now automatically force change group when no good points are available in the currently selected group
  • Changed: PlayerSpawnEditor now saves documentation when saving xml
  • Changed: Player spawn gear JSON: If a particular preset has an empty or undefined characterTypes, the character model last set in character creation menu will be used for that preset (Documentation)
  • Added: The password window now allows to view the password
  • Fixed: The Direct Connect window could not connect to LAN servers
  • Fixed: The command line parameter could not be removed in the favorites tab
  • Changed: Made the Direct Connect button red for better visibility
  • Removed: Outdated server browser filters
  • Added: terrainNormalPower parameter into world config
  • Added: Exposed STANCEIDX_RAISED in DayZPlayerConstants
  • Added: SurfaceInfo script API
  • Added: 'WeaponLiftCheckVerticalOffset'
  • Fixed: Human.StartCommand_ScriptInst should no longer crash the game (but can trigger a memory leak)
  • Fixed: 'CGame.AddActionJuncture' wouldn't setup the replication relationship between the player and the item
  • Fixed: Crash with using the DayZPhysics bullet library functions and passing in a skeleton based object as the ignore entity (i.e. static HouseNoDestruct, static ItemBase)
  • Fixed: Inventory Commands were dependent on distance checks from a player which would fail when an object still existed on the client but was outside of it's network bubble
  • Fixed: Script function overload compiler bug when a class has more than 100 supers (
  • Fixed: Script function overload compiler bug when using 'null' as 'in' parameter more than once (
  • Changed: PlayerIdentity can now be sent over an RPC as a serializable parameter, sent as 4 bytes
  • Changed: The steam ID can now be accessed on the client for all identities via 'PlayerIdentity.GetPlainId' directly now, replacing scripted 'SyncPlayer'
  • Changed: Moved m_dT and GetDeltaT from PlayerBase to DayZPlayerImplement
  • Changed: Security: Removed 'ScriptModule.LoadScript' on Retail Client. No change to Retail Server and Diag
  • Changed: File injecting now exposed to DayZDiag executable, which is file patching a file that doesn't exist in pbo such as config.cpp
  • Tweaked: JSONFileLoader: better handling of file errors + throwing those to VME or log; new API + old one deprecated (with warning messages)
  • Tweaked: JSONFileLoader is passing all the errors to the caller in new API; displaying is not part of the API anymore
  • Tweaked: JSONFileLoader: Commented out ifdef added to show future intentions with old API
  • Tweaked: JSONFileLoader: Removed the extra logging from old API
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