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DayZ Valentine’s Day Event 2024: Healing Bolts, Bug Fixes, & more

Posted on by justin
Find love in DayZ as it’s time to make more friends (or something more than friends) than enemies with this year’s Valentine’s Day Event kicking back up. This year, a special bolt can be fired from your crossbow to grant beneficial effects to a teammate. Additionally, this update brings various changes and bug fixes as well. So, let’s get into the DayZ Valentine’s Day Event for 2024 and the game's latest patch notes.

When Does the DayZ Valentine's Event Start and End?

DayZ 2024 Valentine’s Day Event The DayZ 2024 Valentine’s Day Event starts on February 6 and ends on the 20th. It’s also important to mention that this event is exclusive to the DayZ Experimental server. However, the event’s files will become available for all community server owners after the release of Update 1.24 on the DayZ Stable client.

What’s in the DayZ 2024 Valentine’s Day Event?

Perhaps the highlight of the DayZ Valentine’s Day Event is the Valentine’s Bolt. Fire it with a Crossbow to heal your target's diseases and sicknesses. An explosion of hearts also appears when you hit a target with the Valentine's Bolt. This update also brings various changes and fixes. For instance, the developers fixed an issue when fallen tree branches would interrupt character movement. Additionally, an occurrence wherein a character’s hands continued raising while in tight spaces should now be fixed.

DayZ 2024 Valentine’s Day Event Full Patch Notes

Although relatively short, the full patch notes for the DayZ 2024 Valentine's Day Event generally focus on specific important elements. You can find the patch notes for this update below:
  • Valentine's Bolt (temporal seasonal event object)
  • Added: <groups_as_regular> was using its default value, but was not defined in playerspawnpoints.xml (Documentation)
  • Changed: Security: Removed 'ScriptModule.LoadScript' on Retail Client. No change to Retail Server and Diag
  • Changed: File injecting now exposed to DayZDiag executable, which is file patching a file that doesn't exist in pbo such as config.cpp

How to Play DayZ Experimental?

Before, interested players would have to alternate between the Stable and Experimental Branch versions of DayZ. Now, you can directly download the DayZ Experimental Branch client from Steam. Find the DayZ Experimental underneath the DayZ Stable version in your Steam library. Then, click the large blue “Download” button to start the download and installation. Don’t forget to check out our DayZ Experimental guide for additional information on this test server.
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