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How to Make a Fishing Pole and Hooks in DayZ

Posted on by justin
Fishing is a core mechanic in DayZ, and it lets you catch fish to cook. Stock up on fish to eat, and you can reduce the possibility of hunger or, worse, starvation. But you can’t fish without a fishing pole and hook. So continue reading as we guide you in making a fishing pole and hooks in DayZ.

How to Craft a Fishing Pole in DayZ

DayZ Fishing Pole Also called the Fishing Rod, the Fishing Pole has a craftable and non-craftable variant. The Simple Fishing Rod (called the Improvised Fishing Rod before Alpha 0.52) is the craftable variant, and you can make one by combining a Long Stick and a piece of Rope. Find a Long Stick by hacking bushes with a Knife or another sharp melee weapon, like the Ax. You can also use your fists to gather sticks from bushes, but this act has a chance of inflicting bleeding unless you have protection for your hands. As for the Rope, you can find it in various areas, including supermarkets and various residences. Alternatively, you can craft a Rope by combining two stacks of 6x Rag or using a Knife with a Pile of Guts. On the other hand, you can search for the non-craftable Fishing Pole in DayZ. Simply called the Fishing Rod, you can find this item in boathouses, docks, and rowboats. The Fishing Rod is stronger than its simple variant, but you can’t disassemble it for parts.

How to Craft Fishing Hooks in DayZ

Like the Fishing Pole in DayZ, Hooks have a craftable and non-craftable variant. The craftable option is the Bone Fishing Hook, and you can make it by using the Knife with Bones. Note: When not being used for fishing, the Bone Fishing Hook can be stored by attaching it to a Boonie Hat. You can also find fishing hooks in farms and fishing locations like coastal areas. However, this non-craftable variant is flimsy since it breaks after catching five fish. Tip: Craft a backpack (Update 1.22 increases the number of backpack options) to increase your item carrying capacity. With that, you can bring additional hooks for your in-game fishing trips.
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