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DayZ Update 1.22: New Bags, Gear Nerfs, & More

Posted on by justin
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It’s been almost 10 years since the initial release of the DayZ standalone, and developer Bohemia Interactive still continues to update the online zombie survival title to this day. The next patch for DayZ is Update 1.22, and here’s what we know about this upcoming version.

What’s in the DayZ 1.22 Update? - Patch Notes Highlights

Day Z Update 1.22 DayZ Update 1.22 generally focuses on various improvements and bug fixes. However, players can still enjoy some new content, particularly with new bags, such as the Canvas, Sling, and Leather Duffel Bags. The heat pack’s animation and sound also received an update. Plus, there’s a new white variant for the fingerless wool gloves. Various balance improvements also come with Update 1.22. Unfortunately, many of these changes are gear nerfs. For instance, the Sharpness stat has been reduced across the board. One example is that there’s a 20% reduction for the Pickaxe’s Sharpness. Additionally, many pieces of clothing now have a blood-protection stat. Wearing these items can help protect players against bleeding. Although it’s not a great change for PvP, the undead will also have fewer chances than before to cause bleeding to players. However, the change in the bleeding chance formula also means that blunt damage improves. With that, any undead or weapon that deals blunt damage will hurt more than before. Moving forward, clothing and other items will now be placed in different tiers. Low-tiered items, such as Athletic Shoes, NBC Pants, and Shirt, typically provide the least amount of protection among other pieces of clothing. Also, one-hit KO receives a nerf. Before, you could knock out zombies and other players with Tier 5 weapons like the Sledgehammer with one hit. With the DayZ Update 1.22, it takes at least two hits to knock out players and undead hordes if they’re wearing at least one piece of clothing. You can watch the DayZ Update 1.22 developer livestream and its highlights by clicking here.

Release Date

Update 1.22 for DayZ is already live on experimental branches on the Steam and Xbox versions as of July 27. However, official servers can enjoy the updates brought by this latest version on August 29.

Full DayZ Update 1.2.2 Patch Notes

Bohemia Interactive released three patches for DayZ Update 1.22 into experimental branches at the time of writing. Note that the patch notes mentioned below may not be indicative of the final product that’ll be released on official servers.
Update 1 – Version 1.22.156458 – July 27, 2023
  • Sling Bag
  • Army Pouch
  • Canvas Bag
  • Leather Duffel Bag
  • Hip Pack
  • Craftable Drysack Bag
  • New animation and sound for activating the heat pack
  • White variant of the fingerless wool gloves
  • Fixed a game crash related to the login process
  • The regular logout timer and the one prompted when accepting a server invitation were not consistent
  • Some button prompts were not present in the inventory after dropping an item
  • Option to put an item in hands back into inventory was not displayed in inventory hints
  • HUD brightness settings were not connected to the account
  • Fixed a server crash related to vehicle deletion
  • Car horns were not played when started outside of other players' network bubble
  • Fixed a cause of the character and creatures’ movement, giving the perception of micro-stutters at an inconsistent but reliably high frame rate
  • Fixed an exploit to stand up from prone faster
  • Throwing an item into rivers/ponds/lakes would not produce a splash sound in deep water
  • Throwing an item into the water would incorrectly play the sound at the bed of the water
  • The character was unable to enter some building entrances that were slightly above ground level
  • Players dying underwater would not float up to the surface
  • Fixed a case of door animation desynchronization related to navmesh updates
  • The character name in the server browser was not displayed correctly in all cases
  • Fixed an exploit related to poison gas zone triggers
  • When attempting to turn the car on with low fuel, the engine state between server and client would desynchronize
  • Actions that would hide items in hands would display the item to other players if they entered the network bubble after the action was started
  • AI were unable to enter the Livonia bunker
  • AI would not register open doors of the service hangar
  • It was not possible to detach the battery from a head torch looted from infected
  • Flares shot from the flare gun would produce a continuous sound when stuck in objects
  • The clerk infected looked too dark
  • Road flares would continue to burn for up to a minute even after reaching a ruined state
  • Some weapon attachments were not registering hit impacts
  • Mining rocks with smaller tools did not make sounds
  • Destroyed fuel pumps would still yield gasoline
  • Washing hands with a water bottle did not have sounds
  • Certain can-opening actions did not have sounds
  • Interrupting the washing hands action could result in a character glitch
  • Fixed several exploits to look through walls
  • Several clothing items were missing their hitboxes
  • Camera was glitching when attempting to switch to prone in deep water
  • Bolts could get stuck in water
  • Crossbow bolts did not reflect their damage states correctly
  • It was not possible to shave while wearing the carnival mask
  • After removing a burlap sack from a player's head, their hair could clip with their headgear
  • The red dot of the RVN Optic was not aligned with the center of the screen
  • If a dead body was skinned and quartered, bolts stuck in it would disappear
  • Attempting to treat another player's wounds could result in false prompts to bandage yourself
  • Fixed several instances of items being held badly by the player
  • Fixed several instances of clothing items clipping
  • Fixed several building issues and exploits
  • Item widget would stay on the screen for the duration of hold actions
  • While driving, the user would constantly get the item widget of the car prompted
  • Medieval helmets had inconsistent impact sounds when thrown
  • The crossbow did not have sounds when used in prone
  • The crossbow did not have sounds when dry shooting indoors
  • The reload sound of the crossbow was quieter while moving
  • The thirst indication sound could overlap with the fever sound
  • The thirst sound was not being played while wearing a gas mask or helmet
  • Prison doors played the wrong sounds
  • Audio of certain doors was desynchronized
  • The respawn timer was skipped as soon as the game was loaded
  • The reticle of the ATOG 6x48 optic was blurry on low graphics settings
  • Widgets connected to dead bodies were not static on the screen
  • An unconscious player could temporarily go into a falling state and see their surroundings
  • Jumping while applying a gag bugs the rag
  • It was possible to access the inventory while blindfolded after waking up from unconsciousness
  • Deployed fence kits could block ladder exits
  • The audio effect of the flash grenade would persist after respawn if the player was killed during it
  • Certain car wreck doors wouldn't open in all cases
  • Despawned fireplaces could still cause damage to players in their position
  • It was possible to collapse the hand slot container in the inventory
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed auto-rolling
  • Ambient sounds were missing after relogging while alt-tabbing in the Livonia underground
  • It was possible to warm up pills and split them
  • It was possible to bypass travel/server hop spawns by logging off on a ladder
  • The player could cancel the stagger animation from a heavy hit by jumping
  • Gunshot tail sounds were not present when using a suppressor
  • Mouse cursor in menus is now visible only when the mouse is connected and enabled in options
  • While moving an item in the inventory, the selected item remains highlighted as well
  • Balanced gear armor values against melee weapons
  • Balanced damage caused by melee weapons and infected
  • Blunt melee weapons now inflict significantly more shock damage than health damage
  • Sharp melee weapons now inflict significantly more health damage than shock damage
  • The chance of suffering bleeding now depends on the weapon/infected type, as well as protective clothing
  • Certain low-tier sharp weapons will no longer cause push-back, even when using heavy attacks
  • Chance of suffering bleeding is now based on weapons and armor
  • Added collisions for the player with the dead bodies of large animals
  • Reduced the weight of gas canisters
  • Improved the fire geometry for several firearms
  • Improved the fire geometry of several weapon attachments
  • Improved sounds of explosives
  • Reduced the damage taken by belts from torso hits by 20 percent
  • Reduced surface noise when driving over specific surfaces
  • Item widgets are no longer visible when blinded by a flash grenade or burlap sack
  • Updated the game credits
  • The in-game server browser now displays exact player numbers
  • Removed the column for slots in the server browser
  • Added: Missing armbands for new flag variants
  • Fixed: Fixed misaligned spawn points for various buildings
  • Changed: Reduced the amount of backpacks spawning on infected
  • Changed: Reduced amount of backpacks spawning in the world
  • Changed: Rebalanced spawning locations of backpacks
  • Changed: Reduced amount of tools that work as high-tier weapons and increased their low-tier counterparts
  • Changed: Gasoline Canisters no longer spawn with full gasoline
  • Changed: Gas Canisters no longer spawn with full gas
  • Changed: Power generator no longer spawns with full fuel
  • Added: Winning billboards of the BillboardZ competition
  • Added: Travel agency billboards
  • Fixed: A police event close to Brena was misplaced
  • Fixed: The orientation values in cfgundergroundtriggers.json did not function correctly
  • Changed: Reintroduced the Logging of damage to dead bodies in the Admin logs
  • Changed: All energy-based items with a potential for energy quantity(Gas Canisters, Power Generators, Road Flares...., etc.) can now have energy value set through types.xml
  • Bolts are instantly ruined on impact - a fix is in internal testing
  • Players can leave ghosts for remotes at the edge of the network bubble - a fix is in internal testing
  • Player is desynced when changing seat or leaving the vehicle and falling down unconscious - a fix is in internal testing
  • White Fingerless wool gloves are missing their damaged textures - a fix is in internal testing
  • The character position in the water does not change with the water level - a fix is in internal testing
  • The explosion sounds of the improvised explosive lacks direction - a fix is in internal testing
  • Watchtower's roof widget blocks other wall widgets - a fix is in internal testing
  • Vehicles will keep driving after the driver is killed
Update 2 – Version 1.22.156502 – August 8, 2023
  • Fixed a server crash related to network behavior
  • Fixed a Linux server crash
  • White fingerless wool gloves were missing their damaged textures
  • Dead animals would keep their collisions after being skinned
  • Bolts were instantly ruined on impact
  • The player could desync when changing seat or leaving a vehicle and falling down unconscious
  • The character’s position in the water did not change with the water level
  • Player corpses did not always float in water
  • Fixed certain exploits to look through walls
  • Loading a weapon with an integrated magazine was not loading all bullets
  • It was possible to throw two-handed weapons through walls if standing too close to them
  • The Sling Bag was carried badly
  • Sounds of certain explosions were not reflected correctly in the 3D environment
  • Animals would shift their position on the ground after being killed while standing still
  • The flare gun was reflecting wrongly in the UI that it was loaded with an empty shell after firing
  • Holding shift while moving in throwing stance would consume stamina
  • Gunshot tail sounds were not present when using a suppressor
  • Players could leave ghosts for remotes at the edge of the network bubble
  • Reduced the damage of the bone and stone knives
  • Increased the damage of the barbed baseball bat
  • Increased the space the Army Pouch, Sling Bag, and Duffel Bag are taking up in the inventory
  • Made the reception space in hospitals accessible
  • Watchtower's roof widget blocks other wall widgets - a fix is in internal testing
  • Vehicles will keep driving after the driver is killed
Update 3 – Version 1.22.156564 – August 17, 2023
  • DLC section in the main menu
  • Some ambient sounds were missing in the amusement parks
  • It was possible to skip the staggering animation triggered by a heavy attack
  • Unconscious players did not receive falling damage
  • Crafted baseball bats did not have knockback
  • When joining the game without a microphone plugged in, it was not possible to hear other players' voice chat
  • Changing voice level would not function as intended if no microphone was enabled/connected
  • It was not possible to arm improvised explosives on the first attempt
  • Infected can spawn with head torches again
  • Experimental: It was possible to escape from the melee arena map
  • Reduced the amount of shock damage dealt by hands.
  • Reduced the chance for infected to cause bleeding wounds
  • All heavy attacks across the board now cause knockback
  • Watchtower's roof widget blocks other wall widgets - will be fixed in the following update 1.23
  • Vehicles will keep driving after the driver is killed - will be fixed in the following update 1.23
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