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Craftopia Cooking Guide: How to Cook & All Facilities

Posted on by justin
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Like other survival titles, such as Core Keeper, managing hunger is an important part of your journies in Craftopia. Failure to feed your character can result in damage over time, which puts you at risk of dying sooner rather than later. And beyond just staying alive, foods grant a number of useful buffs to take advantage of as well! With that, here's how to cook in Craftopia and all of the facilities and materials you'll need along the way.

Cooking in Craftopia: An Overview

Craftopia Cook Generally, the only requirements to cook in Craftopia are ingredients and a cooking facility. Thankfully, you can gather ingredients relatively anywhere in Craftopia’s open world. For instance, gather Wild Berries from certain bushes or destroy containers for other ingredients like Flour. Once you have the ingredients, interact with a cooking facility to start cooking. Place the ingredients into the crafting station and click “Craft.” After a short period, your meal will be ready. Remember that you can use ingredients with special properties to enchant the cooked food and get important bonuses that can make a difference in your next fight.

Craftopia Cooking Facilities

Each cooking facility in Craftopia has its unique features and advantages. Typically, players can improve their cooking facilities as they progress. Below, you’ll find all the cooking facilities available in Craftopia:


Craftopia Campfire A basic tool for every adventure, the Campfire is typically the first cooking facility every player can build and use at the beginning of the game. Crafting it only requires 1x Stone and 1x Log. With the campfire, you can only place one ingredient at a time, reducing your cooking options significantly. Nonetheless, this is a very useful tool while you're exploring.

Cooking Pot

Craftopia Cooking Pot Eventually, you can craft the Cooking Pot, a definitive upgrade to the Campfire. Craft this cooking facility at the Workbench using 10x Copper Ingot and 10x Log. There’s also a Cooking Pot you can use at the campsite near the area where you first spawn in the game. With the Cooking Pot, you can place multiple ingredients at a time. For example, place 1x Sausage and 1x Red Herb to make Sausage with Herbs.

Auto Cooker

Craftopia Auto Cooker Finally, there’s the Auto Cooker; as its name implies, it automatically cooks food for you. Feed the ingredients to this cooking facility using conveyor belts. Then, the crafting station prepares the dishes for you, and it even does the job while you’re exploring or completing quests. However, crafting the Auto Cooker can be challenging. First, you must reach the Improved Workbench. Then, craft the Auto Cooker from the Improved Workbench using the following ingredients: 1x Conveyor Belt, 1x Cooking Pot, 20x Gold Ingot, 10x Cogwheel, and 5x Battery.
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