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Crafting Table Vs Stonecutter

Posted on by amber
In recent updates, Minecraft has added new exciting ways to craft, but is there really much reason to use them over the crafting table? Today we explore the benefits of one such item, the stonecutter, and why it is worth your time to craft.

Crafting Table Vs Stonecutter

Crafting Table & Stonecutter Screenshot One thing to make clear is that the stonecutter offers nothing exclusive, meaning all blocks made with it can also be crafted on a crafting table. So what reason is there to use it? The answer is cost! Using copper blocks as an example, players would need to place four blocks of copper on the crafting table to produce four cut copper blocks. Meanwhile, the stonecutter requires only one copper block but still produces four cut copper blocks. This is Mojang’s way of making crafting more in depth while maintaining the ability to craft everything on the crafting table. Or in other words, players are rewarded for diversifying the way they craft.

Crafting a Stonecutter

Stonecutter Crafting Recipe Screenshot Those seeking to craft a stonecutter of their very own will need three stone blocks and a single iron ingot. Then, on a crafting table, place the three stone along the bottom row and the iron ingot right in the middle. This cheap investment will save hundreds of blocks down the line! It can also be used to give a jobless villager the stone mason profession should there be a village nearby.


The crafting table offers everything the stonecutter does, but using the stonecutter provides a hefty discount. For early game players, it is well worth the investment for a stonecutter. However, late game players may find less value in it due to the common nature of the blocks the stonecutter cuts. Overall, we believe it is still worth it in either case. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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