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Core Keeper

How to Get Soul Seeker in Core Keeper

Posted on by justin
One of the core mechanics of Core Keeper is destroying walls. However, it can be cumbersome to return to camp to repair your pickaxe each time it runs out of durability. Alleviate this concern by crafting the Soul Seeker in Core Keeper, and you’re at just the right place to learn how you can get this legendary pickaxe.

What Is Soul Seeker in Core Keeper?

Core Keeper Soul Seeker The Soul Seeker in Core Keeper is an endgame pickaxe with Legendary rarity. It’s a must-have for relatively any Core Keeper player, primarily because of its infinite durability. Its stats are also exceptional on top, including:
  • +607 mining damage
  • +9.3% mining speed
  • +3 blue glow
  • +1.5% chance to gain a common ore when destroying a wall
Note: The Soul Seeker would randomly disappear from the user’s inventory before patch

Soul Seeker Crafting Requirements

First, get the Cipher Parchment by defeating Igneous the Molten Mass. Note that this item isn’t a guaranteed drop, so you may need to beat this Core Keeper boss a few (or many) times before obtaining it. If unsuccessful in obtaining this item, search for the Caveling Merchant. Once found, buy the Giant Slime Summoning Idol from that NPC for 500 Ancient Coins. Place this item on a Giant Slime Summoning Rune to fight Igneous the Molten Mass again. Once you acquire the Cipher Parchment, use it near the Ancient Forge to unlock the Soul Seeker crafting recipe. The ingredients to craft this pickaxe are the following:
  • 1x Ancient Pickaxe
  • 400x Gold Bar
  • 800x Scarlet Bar
  • 800x Octarine Bar
  • 800x Galaxite Bar
  • 100x Ancient Gemstone
You can find the Ancient Pickaxe by searching for a field of Glow Tulips in either The Dirt Biome, Azeos’ Wilderness, or The Sunken Sea. Once you find that location, you should also see a Stone Pedestal, which you can open to find this crafting ingredient. Note: Crafting a Soul Seeker in Core Keeper for the first time will unlock the “The Soul Seeker” achievement.
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