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Core Keeper Scarlet Ore Farming Guide: Locations & How to Use

Posted on by justin
Despite its rarity, Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper is one of the most sought-after minerals in the game. It doesn’t serve much purpose in its raw form, but refining it into the Scarlet Bar means being able to craft many different end-game items. So continue reading to learn how to farm Scarlet Ore and all the many ways you can use it.

How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Scarlet Ore Introduced from the release of Core Keeper’s Early Access, the Scarlet Ore can only be found in the Azeos’ Wilderness and its sub-biome called the Mold Dungeon. Note that you can only access the Azeos’ Wilderness biome by beating the first three Core Keeper bosses: Glurch the Abominous Mass, Ghorm the Devourer, and The Hive Mother. Generally, the ore is in a Grass Wall, which you must destroy to collect the resource. Alternatively, you may receive three to six units of Scarlet Ore from a Mold Covered Chest in the Mold Dungeon.

How to Use Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper: Recipes & Crafting Requirements

Core Keeper Scarlet Ore Usage Refine a Scarlet Ore into a Scarlet Bar at the Smelter Kiln. Make this crafting station using 5x Tin Bar and 5x Iron Bar at the Iron Workbench. Next, gather as much Scarlet Bar as you can. Then, use these refined resources to craft the following items (separated into different crafting stations):

Ancient Hologram Pod

  • Large Shiny Glimmering Object: 10x Copper Bar, 10x Tin Bar, 10x Iron Bar, 10x Scarlet Bar, 5x Gold Bar, and 3x Ancient Gemstone
  • Thumper: 50x Fiber, 50x Plank, 30x Scarlet Bar, 30x Galaxite Bar, 10x Mechanical Part, and 20x Ancient Gemstone

Automation Table

  • Drill: 10x Iron Bar and 10x Scarlet Bar
  • Robot Arm: 5x Iron Bar and 5x Scarlet Bar
  • Sprinkler: 8x Iron Bar and 8x Scarlet Bar

Boat Workbench

  • Boat: 80x Plank, 50x Scarlet Bar, and 20x Mechanical Part

Cipher Parchment

  • Soul Seeker: 1x Ancient Pickaxe, 400x Gold Bar, 800x Scarlet Bar, 800x Octarine Bar, 800x Galaxite Bar, and 100x Ancient Gemstone

Galaxite Workbench

  • Go-Kart Workbench: 70x Coral Plank, 35x Galaxite Bar, and 20x Scarlet Bar

Go-Kart Workbench

  • Speeder Go-kart: 280x Galaxite Bar, 150x Scarlet Bar, 150x Copper Bar, 50x Mechanical Part, and 15x Wool

Iron Workbench

  • Scarlet Workbench: 10x Tin Bar, 15x Iron Bar, and 20x Scarlet Bar

Key Casting Table

  • Scarlet Key: 10x Scarlet Bar

Octarine Anvil

  • Octarine Breastplate: 30x Octarine Bar, 15x Scarlet Bar, and 5x Gold Bar
  • Octarine Helm: 25x Octarine Bar, 13x Scarlet Bar, and 5x Gold Bar
  • Octarine Pants: 27x Octarine Bar, 14x Scarlet Bar, and 6x Gold Bar

Octarine Workbench

  • Fury Forge: 30x Octarine Bar and 15x Scarlet Bar

Proficient Jewelry Workbench

  • Scarlet Chunk Necklace: 35x Scarlet Bar

Scarlet Anvil

  • Scarlet Breastplate: 18x Scarlet Bar, 3x Iron Bar, and 5x Wool
  • Scarlet Dagger: 10x Scarlet Bar and 4x Iron Bar
  • Scarlet Helm: 13x Scarlet Bar, 2x Iron Bar, and 3x Wool
  • Scarlet Pants: 16x Scarlet Bar, 4x Iron Bar, and 4x Wool
  • Scarlet Sword: 10x Scarlet Bar and 4x Iron Bar

Scarlet Workbench

  • Boat Workbench: 50x Plank and 15x Scarlet Bar
  • Distillery Table: 25x Plank, 8x Poison Slime, and 10x Scarlet Bar
  • Octarine Workbench: 50x Coral Plank, 20x Scarlet Bar, and 30x Octarine Bar
  • Orb Lantern: 8x Scarlet Bar and 8x Slime
  • Scarlet Anvil: 15x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Bridge: 1x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Door: 2x Iron Bar and 2x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Fence: 1x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Fence Gate: 1x Iron Bar and 1x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Fishing Rod: 5x Wood and 7x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Floor: 1x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Pickaxe: 4x Tin Bar and 6x Scarlet Bar
  • Scarlet Shell Backpack: 10x Scarlet Bar, 3x Wool, and 3x Strolly Poly Plate
  • Scarlet Shovel: 6x Scarlet Bar and 2x Iron Bar
  • Scarlet Wall: 1x Iron Bar and 1x Scarlet Bar
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