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Core Keeper

Core Keeper Giant Mushroom Farming Guide: Locations, Uses, Health Buff, & more

Posted on by justin
Core Keeper is reasonably forgiving for new players, but the difficulty significantly spikes when you encounter your first boss, Glurch the Abominous Mass. Fight this big blob, and you’ll quickly notice you must increase your max health. One way to achieve that goal is to consume Giant Mushrooms, so we're here to help you find them.

Giant Mushroom Location in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Giant Mushroom Introduced during the game’s Early Access, the Giant Mushroom in Core Keeper is a food item that permanently grants the player +25 maximum health when consumed. You can only find this rare consumable in the Dirt Biome and Clay Caves. It typically spawns in the former than the latter. The Giant Mushroom also spawns up to three per generated world seed. So, if you find three on your map, you must travel to another world seed to find more. As you explore the Dirt Biome or Clay Claves for Giant Mushrooms, you’ll know when you’re near it if you see mushroom clusters. True to its name, it takes up four tiles, much larger than the one-tile space taken by a normal mushroom.

Making Use of Giant Mushrooms

Core Keeper Giant Mushroom Usage Generally, you can consume the Giant Mushroom on the spot. But you may want to wait until you can gain the last perk under the Cooking Skill Tree called Master Chef. With this perk active, every food prepared can yield double results. In other words, cook the Giant Mushroom with any other ingredient, and you have the chance to acquire two cooked foods with the +25 maximum health benefit.

How to Farm Giant Mushrooms Quickly

Core Keeper Find Giant Mushroom Normally, you can punch walls or use a pickaxe to explore the Dirt Biome and Clay Caves for the Giant Mushroom in Core Keeper. But those methods can take a long time to find your prize. Instead, defeat The Hive Mother first and use its Statue to craft the Grubzooka. Equip it, and watch as you can easily destroy the walls in the Dirt Biome and Clay Caves. Note that you must use 20x Iron Bar and 15x Larva Meat to craft this epic ranged weapon.
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