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Conan Exiles Age of War Battle Pass: All Rewards, Price, & Duration for Chapter 1

Posted on by justin
It’s that time again for Conan Exiles players to reap the rewards from a new battle pass, this time for the brand new Age of War update, and there's plenty of exciting content coming in its first chapter. With that, here's everything you need to know about the Conan Exiles Age of War battle pass.

Conan Exiles Age of War Battle Pass Details (Price, Rewards, & Duration)

Conan Exiles Age of War Battle Pass As Conan Exiles ushers in the Age of War, players have new objectives to fulfill. Each goal completed will grant players cosmetic rewards, which include (but aren’t limited to) weapons, armor, emotes, emblem icons, and war paints.


Based on previous Conan Exiles battle passes the Age of War Battle Pass is likely to run for roughly 13 weeks from its June 22nd launch date, placing its end in late September.


Players must pay a one-time fee of 1,200 Crom Coins ($9.99) to purchase and activate the Age of War Battle Pass. There’s also a premium option for those looking to catch up which costs 3,000 Crom Coins. It's important to note that the premium battle pass doesn’t give additional rewards. Instead, activating it immediately unlocks 15 tiers of rewards without the player completing in-game objectives.


The Conan Exiles Age of War Battle Pass rewards go from Tier 1 to 60. Below is the list of boons you can get from this season’s battle pass:
  • Tier 1: Light Turanian Bandit Armor
  • Tier 2: Stygian Style Clan Emblem Background
  • Tier 3: Sword Training Emote
  • Tier 4: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 5: Boar Head Clam Emblem Icon
  • Tier 6: Military Wall Map
  • Tier 7: Stygian War Paint
  • Tier 8: 3x Smelted Iron Siege Boulder
  • Tier 9: Arcane Caparison
  • Tier 10: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 11: Stygian War Paint
  • Tier 12: Turanian Axe
  • Tier 13: “None Shall Pass” Emote
  • Tier 14: Vanir Chieftain Shield
  • Tier 15: Stygian Bench
  • Tier 16: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 17: Remembrance Tapestry
  • Tier 18: Tame Vanir Savage Boar
  • Tier 19: Stygian War Drum
  • Tier 20: Token of Remembrance Figurine
  • Tier 21: Flourish Weapon Emote
  • Tier 22: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 23: Prow Emblem Icon
  • Tier 24: Stygian Command Tent
  • Tier 25: Shoulder Rest Weapon Emote
  • Tier 26: 3x Salvaged Star Metal Shell
  • Tier 27: Aesir Bear War Paint
  • Tier 28: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 29: Set Emblem Icon
  • Tier 30: Sturdy Stygian Infantry Armor
  • Tier 31: Target Floor Paint
  • Tier 32: Stygian Officer Dagger
  • Tier 33: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 34: Remembrance Tapestry
  • Tier 35: Aesir Chieftain Spear
  • Tier 36: Stygian War Banner
  • Tier 37: Token of Remembrance Figurine
  • Tier 38: Shield Bash Weapon Emote
  • Tier 39: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 40: Vanir Emblem Background
  • Tier 41: Vanir Chieftain Hammer
  • Tier 42: Turanian Caparison
  • Tier 43: 3x Burning Siege Boulder
  • Tier 44: Vanir Warpaint
  • Tier 45: Strategy Table
  • Tier 46: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 47: Sun Emblem Icon
  • Tier 48: Aesir Chieftain Great Axe
  • Tier 49: Spear Training Weapon Emote
  • Tier 50: Vanir Wall Paint
  • Tier 51: War Map
  • Tier 52: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 53: Remembrance Tapestry
  • Tier 54: Stygian Warhorn
  • Tier 55: Blood Crystal Spear
  • Tier 56: Stygia Emblem Background
  • Tier 57: Boar War Paint
  • Tier 58: 120x Crom Coins
  • Tier 59: Token of Remembrance Figurine
  • Tier 60: Vanir Chieftain Armor
You can check out our latest post about the Conan Exiles Age of War update to see everything coming with this patch, and the trailer below to see it in action!
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