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Can Minecraft Add Ons Be Used on Java Edition?

Posted on by amber
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This past week, Mojang announced a brand-new feature titled Add Ons! Since then, questions have begun to arise, including if Java Edition will have access to try. So, today, we explore Minecraft Add Ons and their compatibilities with server hosting.

Minecraft Add Ons Explained

Mijnecraft Add Ons Promo Image Minecraft Add Ons allow players to add new blocks, mobs, structures, and more to existing and new worlds in the form of small-scale DLCs. Java Edition players may find that description familiar as Add Ons can very closely be compared to individual mods. Where they greatly differ is that mods are free, while Add Ons cost money and offer convenience for those willing to pay the fee.

Can Minecraft Add Ons Be Used on Java Edition?

[/embed] At this time, Add Ons can not be used on Java Edition. However, Java Edition players can achieve the same thing through the use of publicly available mods. Below, we have listed our step-by-step guide that will have your server up and running in no time.

Are Add Ons Paid Mods?

Add Ons are indeed a form of paid mods. Whether that is good or bad, we leave to you to decide, but it is always important to remember that each username has a real person on the other side. Never harass a developer who chooses to go the route of Minecraft Add Ons rather than mods or vice versa. After all, we are all members of the same amazing community!

A Guide’s End

We hope our short guide has helped answer your question today! For those with BisectHosting, always remember that our support team is never more than a few clicks away. We’ll be there to ensure your server is online in a jiffy with as many mods as there can be! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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