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BisectHosting Rated Best Minecraft Host of 2021 by Benzinga

Posted on by bisecthosting

BisectHosting Rated Best Minecraft Host of 2021 by Benzinga

Minecraft server hosting services can be the door to some amazing experiences, so finding a quality host is very important.

BisectHosting strives to meet that mark, and we are honored to be rated the Best Minecraft Host of 2021 by Benzinga!

In light of this, here’s why it’s so important to research when looking for a Minecraft server hosting service.

Finding The Right Minecraft Server Host

So what should you look for in a Minecraft server host?

With many variables like cost, technical resources, support resources, locations, and others, it’s important to take some time to research to find the right Minecraft server hosting service for you.

Perhaps the best way to evaluate your options for server hosts is by seeing what other customers have said about the host. One great way to do this is to check out TrustPilot, where BisectHosting ranks at 4.6/5 stars from over 2000 reviews!

But you can't just rely on resources like these, instead, you'll also want to do some research of your own.

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Potential Problems to Watch For

Not all Minecraft server hosts are created equal - and there are plenty of issues players can run into when going the wrong way while finding the right fit.

Minecraft Java Edition | Minecraft

The most common Minecraft server hosting server problem to watch for is a lack of strong support resources. An unengaged support staff, or one that’s slow to respond with weak availability, can be devastating when problems arise.

At BisectHosting, our support staff consists of players who love Minecraft as much as you do, and can help out with any problems through the support ticket system in a timely manner. This staff is available 24/7 every day of the year (including holidays), meaning you can get help any time with your issues, and one problem won't ruin your week.

The next most common breaking point for a Minecraft server hosting service is its pricing. This can manifest in high fees per player slot on the server, or in technical upgrades on setup.  

With plenty of affordable server hosting options at BisectHosting, we can also match any budget to give players the best bang for their buck.

Finally, you'll want to make sure your host of choice can offer low latency for players from many different places. The more server locations the better in this situation, as proximity is a huge factor in managing latency.

At BisectHosting, 17 server locations give a massive map of coverage for players, and top of the line DDoS Protection keeps these servers stable and running.

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