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Best Java Seeds in Minecraft Patch 1.16.2

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft worlds are randomly generated, but can be controlled by seeds if you want a specific outcome.

Because of this, specific seeds are sought out by players who are looking for things like certain biomes, landmarks, resources, hostile mobs and more.

With that in mind, here are the best seeds in Minecraft Java Edition Patch 1.16.2.

Ocean Monument Island Survival - 6073041046072376055

This seed sets players on a mission, one that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Players spawn on a group of islands. Seems innocuous enough. That is if you stay above water.

Ocean Monument Island Survival Minecraft Seed

(Credit: PcGamesn)

Under the water’s surface lies an ocean monument for players to take on, which presents a huge challenge and an immediate goal for a massive adventure.

Ocean monuments are heavily guarded but offer big rewards if players can take them on.

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To be able to take down the ocean monument off of the resources of the islands is a fun challenge that is a nice self-contained story to play through right from the start of your Minecraft world.

Witch Huts - 17451728208755585

This seed generates a unique situation for players, putting them in a village nearby a swamp with four witch huts lining the borders.

Witch Huts Minecraft Build

(Credit: MellowZippy)

This is a special seed for how rare this number of witch huts is, especially in the same swamp biome. There’s also some convenience in the starting village and swamp location.

For players that are looking to co-exist with the witches (just don’t get too close!) or for players looking to best them and take their belongings and huts, this is a seed unlike any other.

ESCAPE after being captured by Pillagers - 2327370183894455166

This spawn is a great self-contained story with a bit of imagination. Your spawn in this seed will be right adjacent to a Pillager Outpost, which means you’re in danger from the very start.

Pillager Outpost in Minecraft

(Credit: RockPaperShotgun)

The story here is simple, you’ve been captured by the Pillagers, and have managed to get free. But don’t think you’re safe yet.

You’ll have to escape with your newfound freedom, build up in the neighboring woods, and come back to take out your captors.

Are you up to the challenge?

High Class Neighborhood - -8993723640229201049

The final seed on our list is for those looking to live the fancy lifestyle of the rich and famous.

This Minecraft seed will spawn you right in-between two woodland mansions, near a witch hut, and not far from a ruined portal!

(Credit: MGJared)

Not bad for eyesight from spawn, and for players looking to live the lavish life, looting a mansion and moving into the next, or using one as a vacation home and one as your forever home is a great start.

Think of this seed as a really awesome inheritance. Just one you’ll have to survive a witch and break into to access.

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