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How to Craft Glass in Astroneer

Posted on by justin
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Glass in Astroneer is a refined resource used to make other items. However, it can be challenging to farm this material if you don’t know where to look. So, keep reading as we guide you into collecting Glass in Astroneer.

Crafting Glass in Astroneer

Astroneer Glass Craft Like farming other items in Astroneer, such as Clay, players must go through a reasonably arduous (yet rewarding) endeavor before they can farm Glass. First, you must build a Small Printer using 1x Compound from your Backpack Printer. Then, place the Small Printer into your preferred location and supply power to it. Next, interact with the Small Printer and craft a Medium Printer using 2x Compound. Again, place the Medium Printer at your preferred location and power it up. This time, interact with the Medium Printer to craft the Smelting Furnace using 2x Resin and 1x Compound. Place the Smelting Furnace and connect it to a power source afterward. Now, it’s time to gather the base material for Glass in Astroneer – Quartz. Thankfully, you can find Quartz on all the planets in the game. To get this particular material, you must collect at least two full Soil Canisters and place them in a Soil Centrifuge. One operation using these two soil containers yields 4x Quartz. Alternatively, trade 1x Scrap for 2x Quartz at the Trade Platform. After gathering Quartz, place this item in the Smelting Furnace. Wait for the process to complete, and you should now have a steady supply of Glass. Tip: Follow along with our Astroneer Beginner’s Guide to reach a point where this process is a bit less difficult.

Crafting Recipes with Glass

Astroneer Glass As mentioned earlier, players can use Glass to craft other items in Astroneer. These craftable items are the following (separated by their respective crafting stations):

Backpack Printer

  • Oxygen Tank: 1x Glass

Small Printer

  • Medium Solar Panel: 1x Glass and 1x Copper
  • Medium Resource Canister: 1x Glass and 1x Plastic
  • Medium Fluid & Soil Canister: 1x Glass and 1x Plastic
  • Medium Gas Canister: 1x Glass and 1x Silicone

Medium Printer

  • Chemistry Lab: 1x Glass, 1x Ceramic, and 1x Tungsten
  • Atmospheric Condenser: 1x Glass, 1x Plastic, and 1x Iron
  • Large Resource Canister: 1x Glass, 1x Titanium, and 1x Nanocarbon Alloy
  • Large Solar Panel: 1x Glass, 1x Copper, and 1x Aluminum Alloy
  • Large Wind Turbine: 1x Glass, 1x Ceramic, and 1x Aluminum Alloy

Large Printer

  • Solar Array: 1x Glass, 1x Copper, 1x Graphene, and 1x Aluminum Alloy
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