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Ark Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Rhyniognatha - How to Tame, Locations, Stats, & Fight Tips

Posted on by justin
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Developer Studio Wildcard continuously updates ARK: Survival Evolved by adding new content for players, including additional creatures. The latest creature added to the game’s roster is the Rhyniognatha, and we’ll take you on a deep dive into this invertebrate so you can learn more about it!

What is the Rhyniognatha in ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK Rhyniognatha The Rhyniognatha is the winner of ARK’s Community Crunch 348, and it’s an aggressive omnivore found in The Island and Lost Island maps. It’s a large, insect-like being that can shoot from its tail, among other abilities. It’s also tameable, albeit it’s more difficult to domesticate than other ARK creatures.

Base Stats and Growth

  • Health: 1,400 base value. +140 per level increase for wild units.
  • Stamina: 350 base value. +35 per level increase for wild units.
  • Oxygen: 800 base value. +80 per level increase for wild units.
  • Food: 1,600 base value. +160 per level increase for wild units.
  • Weight: 1,200 base value. +24 per level increase for wild units (+4% for tamed).
  • Melee Damage: 55 base value. +2.75 per level increase for wild units.
  • Movement Speed: 100% base value.
  • Torpidity: 800 base value. +48 per level increase for wild units.

Fighting the Rhyniognatha

The Megatherium is an excellent choice in fighting against the Rhyniognatha, thanks to its strength against bugs. If you’re fighting this giant insect without a Megatherium, using a Harpoon Launcher with Net Projectile ammo is an alternate way to stop the creature’s movement. Then, follow up your attacks with a Pump-Action Shotgun to kill it and reap the rewards.

Taming the Rhyniognatha

Note that you can’t tame the Rhyniognatha normally. Instead, you must let a female Rhyniognatha tame a creature. Then, imprint the offspring as soon as it hatches. Failure to imprint the baby immediately will result in the creature being killed. Here’s a quick rundown on the steps to tame a Rhyniognatha:
  1. Kill a male Rhyniognatha and acquire the Rhyniognatha Pheromone item
  2. Find a female Rhyniognatha and weaken it to below 10% HP
  3. Allow a creature with a drag weight of 300 or more to be near the weakened female Rhyniognatha
  4. Wait for the impregnation to complete
  5. Take care of the pregnant creature until the baby “ejects” and kills its host
  6. Imprint the baby immediately
With a tamed Rhyniognatha, ARK players can use its different abilities.
  • Resin Armor: Use 1 Resin per 30 seconds while the ability is active to reduce the damage received
  • Taunt: Let the Rhyniognatha unleash a terrifying screech to frighten and scatter nearby enemies
  • Carry Creature or Player: Carry a range of creatures ranging from Basilisks to Yutyrannus
  • Fire Resin: Shoot Resin from its tail to damage faraway enemies (uses 1 Resin per shot)
  • Produce Resin: Convert 1 Sap into 1 Resin every 5 seconds
  • Dive or Skim Water: Land on water or dive underwater with the creature
Check out the ARK: Survival Evolved Rhyniognatha spotlight below to see this large bug in action in-game:
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