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An Exciting New Partnership With Lunar Client

Posted on by amber
There are many Minecraft clients out there, and some are not the best, but today we are excited to share one that stands above the rest! Starting today, BisectHosting is happy to announce our new partnership with Lunar Client. A trusted third-party Minecraft client so useful that many can’t live without it!

The Many Features of Lunar Client

Lunar Client Logo Following a simple install, players will find a Minecraft client packed with features unlike any before! The performance enhancements double frames per second, countless built-in mods are ready to go with a single click, and support for Windows, macOS, and Linux are all included within. Still not convinced? Lunar Client’s professional team works to make sure your voice is heard with multiple online communities, including Discord. There they answer questions, concerns, and share in-game cosmetics only those with Lunar Client can enjoy. Try out Lunar Client today by heading over to their webpage

Our Partnership

BisectHosting Logo For those already installing or using Lunar Client, we have further exciting news! Lunar Client users will save 25% off their first month on any BisectHosting gaming server. The Lunar Client team will also be doing free server giveaways, so keep an eye out for those! Finally, to celebrate the occasion, they will be featuring exclusive BisectHosting cosmetics on the Lunar Client Store. Make sure to grab yours!

Partnering With Lunar Client!

An exciting future between Lunar Client and BisectHosting awaits! We can’t wait to see what us working together can create. But be warned! It is hard to go back to the vanilla client after experiencing the difference switching to Lunar Client makes. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) Looking try out Lunar Client on a private server of your very own? We here at BisectHosting offer affordable options for just that! Your Minecraft server is only a few steps away.
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