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All New Minecraft Paintings in Minecraft 1.21

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
Despite the announcement that every Minecraft 1.21 feature had been shared, Mojang posted an artful last-minute addition that will be joining the fair! So, today, we explore all the new Minecraft paintings in Minecraft 1.21, including the recipe needed to create priceless art pieces.

Minecraft 1.21 Painting Recipe

Minecraft 1.21 Painting Recipe The recipe for a painting is three sticks along the top row of a crafting table, one stick followed by one block of wool and one stick in the middle row, and three sticks along the bottom row. Once placed, it should be a full crafting table of eight sticks surrounding one block of wool of any color.

All New Paintings in Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft 1.21 adds five new paintings to the existing pool! This means those looking to see them in-game will need to battle RNG until they appear. A general strategy to tip the odds in your favor is temporarily creating a space large enough only for the desired painting, preventing any larger ones from appearing. Happy hunting!

Painting #1

Minecraft 1.21 Painting One The first painting is four-by-four blocks in size and depicts a forest biome landscape with a pig. However, some may recognize it as “pack.png,” one of the most famous Minecraft landscapes.

Painting #2

Minecraft 1.21 Painting Two Next is a two-by-two painting of two villagers standing side by side in front of their home. This is a parody of the famous painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

Painting #3

Painting Three Third is another two-by-two painting of a pot, cake, and sunflower atop a table. This is likely a Minecraft parody of famous still-life paintings that share a similar appearance, such as “Flower Pot at a Table” by Paul Cézanne.

Painting #4

Painting Four Painting number four is the only painting of the batch that is two blocks tall and one block wide. This one is a parody of the famous oil painting “The Cowboy” by Frederic Remington.

Painting #5

Painting Five Finally, we have a one-by-one painting of Minecraft’s original rose. Poppies replaced this flower in Minecraft 1.7.2, as proper rose bushes were also included in the patch. Author’s Note: Accurate as of Minecraft Preview
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