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All MCC 27 Teams Announced – Full Roster, Predictions & More

Posted on by amber
In a sea of outstanding teams, there is not a single crown to be seen! Today we explore all the confirmed MCC 27 teams, what an event being “half-canon” means, and the list of long-lost underdog players returning for their chance at the crown.

MCC 27 Details & Date

In a series of nine mini-games, streamers and YouTubers will be competing until only one team remains. MCC 27 will mark the 32ed overall MCC and contain only players who have never won a previous MCC, but that’s not all! Underdogs will also be unique in the fact that it is considered “half-canon,” meaning the win will be the only statistic counted. Watch MCC 27 live November 12th, 2022, on the official Noxcrew channel at 3PM EST!

All MCC 27 Teams

MCC Logo Ten teams of underdogs will be participating in MCC 27, including some newcomers joining the fray. A big welcome to FireBreathMan, BdoubleO100, BaboAbe, James Marriott, BoxBox, ItzMasayoshi, iiTzTimmy, kkatamina_, DisguisedToast, and impulseSV!
Red Rabbits
  • @hannahxxrose
  • @PearlescentMoon
  • @GeeNelly
  • @LDShadowLady
Orange Ocelots
  • @AntVenom
  • @vGumiho
  • @dantdm
  • @BaboAbe
Yellow Yaks
  • @JackManifoldTV
  • @RTGameCrowd
  • @VelvetIsCake
  • @JamesMarriottYT
Lime Llamas
  • @GizzyGazza
  • @KreekCraft
  • @JoeyGraceffa
  • @Strawburry17
Green Geckos
  • @FoolishGamers
  • @TinaKitten
  • @Sykkuno
  • @Kkatamina
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Cyan Coyotes
  • @DisguisedToast
  • @BoxBox
  • @ItzMasayoshi
  • @iiTzTimmy
Aqua Axolotls
  • @Valkyrae
  • @LudwigAhgren
  • @aimseytv
  • @Ranboosaysstuff
Blue Bats
  • @Nihachu
  • @theawesamdude
  • @ElainaExe
  • @DropsByPonk
Purple Pandas
  • @BlushiMC
  • @FireBreathMan
  • @BdoubleO100
  • @impulseSV
Pink Parrots
  • @ItsFunneh
  • @RainbowsYT
  • @GoldenGlare_
  • @DraconiteDragon

MCC 27 Predictions

MCC 27 Underdogs is turning out to be far more exciting than expected! Offline TV members are in attendance, many previous players are returning in a spectacular fashion, and even the guy famous for making the Luddy will be playing! As for who will win, Sykkuno can not be underestimated! Behind that wholesome exterior is a player better than most on the internet. Aqua Axolotls is also looking quite fun. Will they win though? For Ranboo’s sake, I hope so! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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