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All MCC 23 Teams Announced – Full Roster, Predictions & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

Summer is here, and with it, some much-needed MCC cheer! The players are locked in, teams are looking stacked, and this will be the first MCC where all players have participated in at least one MCC of the past. So grab some lemonade and sit down by the pool because MCC 23 is shaping up to be as hot as the sun on this exciting summer’s day!

MCC 23 Details & Date

All MCC 23 Teams: MCC 23 Logo

In a series of nine mini-games, streamers and YouTubers compete until only one team remains. MCC 23 will be the 28th overall MCC and is expected to follow the standard format, but with the Noxcrew, new surprises are almost always in store.

Watch MCC 23 live April 30th, 2022, on the official Noxcrew channel at 3PM EST!

All MCC 23 Teams

Ten teams will be participating in MCC 23, but a few regulars have announced they will sadly be unable to attend. Hopefully, we see Tubbo, Awesamdude, Purpled next time around!

Red Rabbits

  • @tommyinnit
  • @Seapeekay
  • @CrankGameplays
  • @shelbygraces

Orange Ocelots

  • @Quig
  • @InTheLittleWood
  • @Eret
  • @F1NN5TER

Yellow Yaks

  • @sapnap
  • @GeorgeNotFound
  • @ElainaExe
  • @vGumiho

Lime Llamas

  • @IlluminaHD
  • @SolidarityCoUK
  • @GTWScar
  • @cubfan135

Green Geckos

  • @Dream
  • @FoolishGamers
  • @TinaKitten
  • @ConnorEatsPants
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Cyan Coyotes

  • @jojosoIos
  • @falsesymmetry
  • @PearlescentMoon
  • @Smajor1995

Aqua Axolotls

  • @Punztw
  • @BadBoyHalo
  • @sylveemhm
  • @snifferish

Blue Bats

  • @SB_737
  • @Sneegsnag
  • @CaptainSparklez
  • @KaraCorvus

Purple Pandas

  • @PeteZahHutt
  • @Ph1LzA
  • @Smallishbeans
  • @GeeNelly

Pink Parrots

  • @WilburSoot
  • @Ranboosaysstuff
  • @aimseytv
  • @BlushiMC

Thank you, Technoblade

Normally I would share my predictions at this point, but with recent events, I wanted to instead say thank you to a fantastic entertainer who recently passed. Technoblade participated in 11 MCCs and won two, was unmatched in PVP, and most importantly, never failed to make his fans laugh. Even his final video was titled “so long nerds,” complete with a merch drop for his family.

While Technoblade may not be winning another MCC, if I may make one prediction, it will be that Technoblade’s legacy will live on in the hearts of countless fans for a long while yet. Technoblade never dies, after all.

Thank you for the years of content and entertainment,

Amber Aqua

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