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Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Soup Guide - All Recipes, Effects, & How to Cook

Posted on by justin
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There’s nothing like consuming a hot bowl of soup after a long day of experimenting, crafting, and fending off laboratory nasties with your friends in a dedicated Abiotic Factor server. So, keep reading as we help you learn how to cook Soups in Abiotic Factor and their required ingredients and effects.

How to Cook Soup in Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Soups Guide Players can start cooking Soup in Abiotic Factor after reaching Cooking Level 3. Then, use the following items to cook your desired Soup:
  • Portable Stove: Craft using 2x Coil, 4x Plastic Scrap, 4x Metal Pipe, and 1x Keyboard at the Crafting Bench
  • Soup Bowl: Craft using 1x Metal Scrap, 1x Stapler, 1x Glass Scrap, and 1x Test Tube at the Crafting Bench
  • Water: Get from a sink or water cooler or purify tainted water.
Note: A bug wherein ingredients disappear in stoves was fixed in Patch

All Abiotic Factor Soup Recipes & Effects

Abiotic Factor Soup Recipes Following the correct recipes creates Soups that are devoid of Radiation and other adverse effects. However, players who mix random ingredients may get Bad or Weird Soups in Abiotic Factor, which typically provide weaker buffs. Additionally, it’s possible to make harmful Soups, which cause debuffs and even death.

Beneficial Soups

Meaty Stew
  • Ingredients: 1x Peccary Chop, 1x Raw Alien Drumstick, and 1x Raw Pest Rump
  • Hunger: 40
  • Thirst: 22
  • Effect: Heightened Senses
Pest Goulash
  • Ingredients: 1x Raw Pest, 1x Raw Pest Rump, and 1x Salt
  • Hunger: 30
  • Thirst: 10
  • Effect: Souper Satisfied
Bland Pea Soup
  • Ingredients: 1x Canned Peas and 1x Salt
  • Hunger: 20
  • Thirst: 20
  • Effect: Lightfooted
Sustenance Soup
  • Ingredients: Military M.R.E.
  • Hunger: 20
  • Thirst: 20
  • Effect: Quick Reflexes
Simple Tomato Soup
  • Ingredients: 1x Super Tomato and 1x Salt
  • Hunger: 15
  • Thirst: 35
  • Effect: Souper Satisfied
Sugary Slop
  • Ingredients: 1x Doznuts, 1x Jowlers, and 1x Skip
  • Hunger: 20
  • Thirst: 20
  • Effect: Sugar High
Potato and Sausage Stew
  • Ingredients: 1x Raw Peccary Sausages and 1x Potato
  • Hunger: 30
  • Thirst: 18
  • Effect: Souper Satisfied
Sweet Porridge
  • Ingredients: 1x Melted Ice Cream and 1x Anteverse Wheat
  • Hunger: 20
  • Thirst: 20
  • Effect: Sweet Tooth
Veggie Stew
  • Ingredients: 1x Potato, 1x Anteverse Wheat, and 1x Super Tomato
  • Hunger: 20
  • Thirst: 20
  • Effect: Living Off the Land

Harmful Soups

Toxic Soup
  • Ingredients: 1x Rotten Food or 1x Plastic Scrap
  • Hunger: 15
  • Thirst: 10
  • Effect: Sick
Poop Soup
  • Ingredients: 1x Feces
  • Hunger: 0
  • Thirst: 3
  • Effect: Sick and Stinky
Killer Soup
  • Ingredients: 1x Glass or 1x Tech Scrap
  • Hunger: 10
  • Thirst: 15
  • Effect: Death

Food and Cooking Effects

Abiotic Factor Cooking Effects Consuming Soup in Abiotic Factor grants players various positive and negative effects. These buffs or debuffs include the following:
  • Lightfooted: Temporary increase in Sprinting and Sneaking XP gain.
  • Souper Satisfied: Reduces thirst and hunger progression temporarily.
  • Heightened Senses: Temporary increase in Blunt and Sharp Melee XP gain.
  • Quick Reflexes: Temporary increase in Accuracy and Reloading XP gain.
  • Sick: Can cause barfing, reducing hunger.
  • Death: Kills the player.
  • Frosted: Slows movement speed.
  • Fatigue Fill: Drains Sanity bar.
  • Very Mild Radiation: Slightly fills the Radiation meter.
  • Dangerous Radiation: Greatly fills the Radiation meter.
  • Sugar High: Stamina drains slower than normal. However, the player gets tired more easily and must take more frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • Sweet Tooth: Temporary increase in sustenance from consuming vending machine items.
  • Living Off the Land: Temporary increase in Agriculture XP gain.
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