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Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor Server Hosting Available Now with BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
What do you get when you combine exploration, survival, and science with a rich narrative experience? The result is Abiotic Factor, a game wherein you and your friends are the greatest minds operating in a network of secret laboratories - but when things go bad, masters of the lab must instead fight to survive within it. Work with your mates to uncover scientific secrets while surviving the horrors with Abiotic Factor server hosting services with BisectHosting. As a scientist, your task is to survive the harsh landscapes, face extreme conditions, and discover ways to improve survival. Here, violence gains a touch of science as you also try to maintain a work-life balance to help sustain sanity levels.

Abiotic Factor Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Abiotic Factor Server Hosting Abiotic Factor is an online multiplayer survival crafting Early Access title set in a unique open world. Unlike other games in the genre, Abiotic Factor lets its players focus on a deep narrative to experience the depths of an underground research facility. Enjoy different in-game features and systems as you explore the unknown in Abiotic Factor, including the following:
Rich Multiplayer Experience
Two heads are better than one when thinking up solutions to different scientific (and survival) problems. But why not add more smart brains to stir the proverbial scientific pot? In Abiotic Factor, you can! Join with up to five additional players, each with a different Job. Each profession has its unique pros and cons. For example, the Biomedical Engineer understands the human body better than others, allowing that player to excel in medical and healing procedures. On the other hand, the Structural Engineer shares a passion for construction and machinery to help the team build various structures.
Massive Item Library
It can be difficult to survive the dangers lurking deep within the laboratory with nothing but your fists and love for science. Thankfully, Abiotic Factor presents its player base with many usable items, ranging from different resources to powerful weapons. Scientists can also work together to survive, gather materials, and transform those collected resources into other items. Those items can then turn into other useful elements, such as those used for cooking and base defense.
Explore Different Regions
The main laboratory isn’t the only place to explore in Abiotic Factor. Brave the depths of the game’s massive open-world map as you travel through places like the Manufacturing Sector, Security Sector, and Hydroplant Sector. Alternatively, reach new lands, such as the Flathill and Far Garden, by entering portals. These regions hold mysteries (and dangers) waiting for you and your online science buddies to find.
Science and Violence Merged Into One
Pests, mutated lab rats, alien beings, and hostile robots are out for blood to stop you in your search for scientific greatness. Work with teammates to cover for your Job's shortcomings. Then, fend off these nasties using various weapons, such as wooden bats and laser cannons.
Protect and Decorate Your Base
Making experiments and surviving scientific horrors every day may become dull over time. In Abiotic Factor, you can spice your everyday life by working on these tasks and building a base to call your own. Then, decorate your think tank to change the appearance of your headquarters. Beautify the place by adding different structures ranging from teleporters to cooking facilities. Get a glimpse of the different exciting elements Abiotic Factor brings to Early Access in its launch trailer below:

Abiotic Factor Dedicated Server Features

Time to dive into the wonderful world of Abiotic Factor and its scientific discoveries with a dedicated server. In particular, take advantage of the Abiotic Factor server hosting services of BisectHosting to enjoy features like the following:
  • Instant Server Setup: After confirming your payment, you can start exploring the laboratories' different sectors (and their dangers) in your Abiotic Factor server immediately!
  • Custom Control Panel: Our Abiotic Factor servers include an easy-to-use control panel to help ensure server administrators have accessible and approachable server management operations.
  • Expert Support Staff: Do you need help with your Abiotic Factor server? Consult with our 24/7 customer support staff with no extensive waiting times for you to receive a reply.
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