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7 Days to Die

How Long Does Alcohol Poisoning Last in 7 Days To Die?

Posted on by justin
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Alcohol Poisoning in 7 Days to Die is a negative status effect resulting in the Sick Drunk debuff. But how long does this illness last? We're here to answer this question and more.

How Long Does The Effects Of Alcohol Poisoning Last In 7 Days To Die?

7 Days to Die Alcohol Poisoning Alcohol Poisoning lasts as long as the number of beers that triggered the negative effect. For example, if the player drank one beer that triggered the illness, the effect will last as long as the beverage stays in the character’s system. Note that drinking one Beer in 7 Days to Die lasts one minute. Note: As of Alpha 20, all instances of Grain Alcohol with Beer replacing the item. While Alcohol Poisoning is active, it’ll reduce the player’s wellness by 1 per game hour or 100 real-life seconds. Additionally, the character’s stamina reduces by 5 per second, and movement speed slows by 40%. Note: Respawning from death will reduce wellness by 10 points.

Causes of Alcohol Poisoning in 7 Days to Die

A player can trigger Alcohol Poisoning in 7 Days to Die by drinking more than 14 beers over a short period. After drinking three beers, the character will first activate the Sick Drunk negative status effect.

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Alcohol Poisoning Treatment Treat Alcohol Poisoning in 7 Days to Die by waiting it out. Remain in your camp or base during this time, or find a safe spot. If you drank 14 Beers in the game, Alcohol Poisoning should disappear when your status reaches 9 Beers consumed. However, you’ll return to the Sick Drunk status. Then, your character becomes hungover for 25 minutes. A reduction of 1 stamina point per second becomes active while your character has the Hangover effect.

What Does Beer Do In 7 Days To Die?

7 Days to Die Alcohol Poisoning Beer Drinking Beer in 7 Days to Die provides the Buzzed buff, which increases Brawl damage by 300% and Stun resist by 100%. Stamina regeneration also increases by 40%. Note that these effects will last for one minute but can be stacked. Craft Beer at the Chemistry Station using 4x Hops Flower and 1x Water. Unlock this recipe by reading 27x Home Cooking Weekly magazines. Alternatively, buy it from a Trader at a base price of 300 Dukes. Aside from consuming Beer, you can also use it as an ingredient to craft other items. The items you can craft with this consumable as a material (separated by crafting stations) are the following:

Chemistry Station

  • First Aid Kit: 1x Beer, 1x Blood Bag, 1x Bandage, and 1x Sewing Kit
  • Fort Bites: 1x Beer, 5x Blood Bag, 20x Rotting Flesh, and 1x Vitamins
  • Recog: 2x Bottle of Acid, 1x Beer, 5x Scrap Polymers, and 1x Vitamins
  • Steroids: 1x Oil, 1x Beer, and 1x Testosterone Extract


  • Grandpa’s Learn’n Elixir: 2x Can of Dog Food, 2x Red Tea, 1x Bottle of Acid, 1x Beer, and 1x Ear of Super Corn
  • Grandpa’s Moonshine: 5x Corn Meal, 1x Beer, 5x Blueberries, 1x Bottle of Acid, and 1x Ear of Super Corn
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake: 1x Pumpkin, 1x Egg, 1x Corn Meal, 1x Animal Fat, and 1x Beer
Note: All recipes at the Campfire require a Cooking Pot to start the crafting procedure.
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