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5 Mods and Mod Packs for New Players

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft mods can get very in-depth very quickly.NEW It’s one thing that keeps a lot of Minecraft’s newer playerbase from ever touching a modded server, or trying to install a mod in the first place.

The good news is that there are more simple mods and ways to use them that can get players used to the wonderful world of Minecraft mods.

You just have to know where to look.

With this in mind, here are 5 mod packs that are perfect for new players.


ProjectE might sound complicated at first. ProjectE is a Minecraft mod that allows the use of magic to transmute items into other items.

While this is intimidating before you try it, you’ll soon realize ProjectE is the perfect Minecraft mod for newer players.

This is because ProjectE can be combined with other mods to ensure that players have access to whatever they need at all times.

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So while it can at times sound tricky, and will get better the more you’re used to it, ProjectE allows for smoothing out issues new players may have with other mods and other mod packs.

For this reason, ProjectE makes the list as a good mod for new players to try out.


Enigmatica2 is a mod pack with over 250 mod options to choose from. While this is a bit scary, it’s incredibly useful for new players with its simple and straightforward mechanics.

Enigmatica2 features plenty of quest lines that help guide players through new features added to Minecraft, and keeps things true to the core of the game when it comes to recipes and more.

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Even better, Enigmatica2 is partnered with Bisect Hosting, so you can be assured the modpack is well tuned for Bisect Hosting Minecraft servers, and that we have plenty of experience helping customers along with setting things up and answering questions about the pack.

FTB Academy

FTB Academy is a mod pack designed specifically for helping along Minecraft players that are new to modding the game. It includes over 300 quests that help players along with understanding the process, and the awesome things that you can do.

The FTB Academy modpack teaches things like automation, magic, and more which are staples in the Minecraft modding community.

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With little to no in-game changes, and a fantastic guide structure to bring players along, FTB Academy is a fantastic starting point for your Minecraft modding experience.

FTB Sky Odyssey

A staple subgenre of the Minecraft modding community is Sky Block maps. These maps task players with problem solving challenges by spawning them on floating islands with very limited space and resources. Players must survive and thrive from these positions.

While this genre can get incredibly difficulty (which is part of the fun for veterans), FTB Sky Odyssey looks to bring the genre to a more accessible place with easier access for players that are new to the Minecraft modding world.

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FTB Sky Odyssey is the perfect introduction to one of the most exciting and challenging subgenres of Minecraft modding, and for this reason, it certainly earns its spot on the list.

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The final modpack on this list is Automaton.

Automaton is a fantastically simplified modpack that has over 200 quests to guide players through its use. Automaton is also light on your computer setup, which means it works perfectly for weaker machines, or alternatives like laptops. 

This is because Automaton only includes 98 mods, but brings a play experience that feels like plenty more.

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The mod features waystones to travel the world, resource gathering technology, and plenty more to push your horizons in the Minecraft modding world in a simple, safe, and easy to run shell.

Automaton is a great mod that will have even the newest Minecraft players running their own factory in no time.

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