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1.20.2 Mending Villagers in Five Easy Steps

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
Mending is one of the strongest enchantments Minecraft has to offer, and prior to this patch, it was more common than air! Unfortunately for players, Mojang has decided it is time for mending to once again be rare. So, today we explain how to get 1.20.2 Mending Villagers in five easy steps.

1. Craft a Lectern

Lectern Crafting Recipe Step one of our guide is as simple as can be! Craft four wooden half slabs and a single bookshelf, then place them on a crafting table in the shape of a “T.” Three slabs line the top row, a bookshelf goes right in the middle, and the final slab goes at the center of the bottom-most row.

2. Find a Swamp & Build a House

1.20.2 Mending Villagers Guide: Basic House in Swamp Screenshot Only one type of villager offers mending now: swamp librarian villagers! However, there are no natural swamp villages to be found. This means one will have to be created, and that begins with finding a swamp for your very own villager town. Swamp biomes are fairly common and will be encountered eventually by just walking around. However, for those with bad luck, the /locate biome command can be used as well. Once found, build a house. It does not need to be overly large, just enough to fit a few villagers, beds, and the lectern from step one.

3. Obtain a Swamp Villager

1.20.2 Mending Villagers Guide: Jobless Swamp Villager Screenshot It is now time to create a swamp villager! This is most easily done by locating a village nearby and bringing at least two residents to their new swamp home. After doing so, all the children born in the swamp will be swamp villagers. Alternatively, players can find and cure a zombie villager within a swamp to create a swamp villager instantly.

4. Place the Lectern

1.20.2 Mending Villagers Guide: Swamp Librarian Villager Screenshot Place the lectern inside the previously crafted house. The swamp villager should walk up to it and become a librarian, but a new lectern can always be crafted if one of the other villagers gets to it first. Now right-click the swamp librarian villager to open trade and see what they have to offer!

5. Level Up the Librarian

Minecraft Snapshot-23w31a Librarian Changes Spreadsheet The final step of this endeavor is leveling up your swamp librarian villager. This is done by simply trading with them as much as possible until they reach level five. As of 1.20.2, a master swamp librarian is guaranteed to offer mending books that you can buy.

Mending Villagers in Five Easy Steps

Congratulations on the first of many 1.20.2 mending villagers! Mending is a must, and now it can be bought for emeralds on demand. Perfect for any future netherite sets, tools, and Elytras! But be warned; zombies are always lurking, so prepare some good defenses! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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