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MineColonies is a town management game in Minecraft that lets you build and govern vibrant colonies with workers like Builders, Farmers, and more. Defend against raids threatening your colony, conduct research for technological advancements, and expand your colony into a flourishing kingdom. With so many options, you’ll create a different colony every time, adapt it to any biome, build inside a mountain, on top of one, under the ocean, or in the sky. Minecolonies is being developed by the Let's Dev Together Team (Ldtteam) which develops and maintains a series of mods including Minecolonies, Structurize, BlockUI, Domum Ornamentum, etc..

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MineColonies is an interactive Town building mod that allows you to create your own thriving Town within Minecraft. It depicts real-life scenarios by providing you with different craftable options to build your own Town and enhance your gaming experience.
MineColonies Official Adventure - Create your own colony

MineColonies Official Adventure - Create your own colony

The Minecolonies Adventure Pack, is made by the original Minecolonies Devs. Features a world full of wonder, exploration, loot, and dungeons. Find a town and settle down, create your own MineColonies village
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Minecraft mod turned city building simulator?

MineColonies bringing the city building simulator to life in Minecraft! This unique mod allows crazy structures to come to life in Minecraft. Check out the video to see what we create!
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MineColonies - How To?...

Getting to know MineColonies and where to begin! I go over all the basic questions asked about MineColonies. Subscribe for more let's play gameplay!
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