I'm Cursed Warrior, a Minecraft modder since early 2019. Creating mods is my hobby, and knowing that others enjoy what I make brings me joy. One of my popular projects, Crazy Craft Updated, can be found on the main page of CurseForge.

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Crazy Craft Updated

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Crazy Craft Updated

Crazy Craft Updated

Crazy Craft Updated is a modpack for Minecraft that brings an exciting and unconventional twist to the game. Packed with a wide range of mods, this updated version of the original Crazy Craft offers players a thrilling and unpredictable gameplay experience. Encounter powerful bosses, mythical creatures, and fantastical beasts as you explore new dimensions with unique landscapes and structures.


Levinide, my biggest mod, introduces a wealth of content (As of Update 0.4.6). It includes over 60 unique mobs, a vast array of new gear and tools, and exciting features such as the Unbreaking Anvil, which grants the ability to make items unbreakable. Additionally, Levinide expands the game with new dimensions and challenging bosses, enhancing the player experience.
Special Drops

Special Drops

Special Drops is a Massive Mod adding new drops to every single mob in the whole game. The stronger the drop, the rarer it is to obtain. The drops can be Anything from New Gear to Items with Special Abilities.

Each server purchased through a link on this site not only provides you with exceptional hosting service but also supports the content creator through a commission. This assists them in their work, creating more fantastic content for you, all at no extra cost on your end!

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How can you download and install Crazy Craft Updated in Minecraft?

In this video, I answer that exact question. We go over every single step, from downloading the Crazy Craft Updated modpack to installing Crazy Craft Updated in Minecraft. It is all covered in this video, so you can start playing Crazy Craft Updated without any issues whatsoever. We go over the issues you could have getting Crazy Craft Updated and how you can fix them to get into Crazy Craft Updated and start playing!

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