Parasites by Forge Labs Server Hosting

Enter a world filled with freakish parasites and use your imagination, equipment, wits, and Minecraft skills to survive. Can you stop the spread before a parasite infects you? Scream and plead all you want. But you must endure in the Parasites modpack by Forge Labs.

ABOUT Parasites by Forge Labs

Darkness is Everywhere

Everything is eerie and scary in the Parasites modpack. Hear faint whispers in the distance or the lone owl hooting while watching your every step. See darkness encroach from almost every direction as you hope a parasite isn’t near.

Little to No Breathing Room

Trying to craft an item in this modpack? Despite it being a seemingly simple task, you might not be able to accomplish it while you’re fighting mobs. So, new Minecraft players should beware, and veterans should use everything in their arsenal to survive and win.

How To Create A Parasites by Forge Labs Minecraft Server

Step 1

Purchase A Server

Get started with a BisectHosting server. Using our Minecraft selector, we will automatically setup your server with Parasites by Forge Labs pre-installed.

Step 2

Enjoy Your Server

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