Horror Craft Server Hosting

Horror Craft is for the player looking for more than the vanilla Minecraft experience. In the day, prepare for what’s to come. At night, battle hordes of night creatures, such as parasites, zombies, and even dragons.

ABOUT Horror Craft

Dying and Respawning Increases Difficulty

Dying in Horror Craft lets you respawn. However, you’ll respawn in a different location or perhaps a different dimension. So, avoid death at all costs.

Immersive Gameplay

Horror Craft indulges players with various ambience-focused mods. For instance, hear the moans of creatures in the distance. Otherwise, this modpack can send chills down your spine as an unknown being growls in the distance.

How To Create A Horror Craft Minecraft Server

Step 1

Purchase A Server

Get started with a BisectHosting server. Using our Minecraft selector, we will automatically setup your server with Horror Craft pre-installed.

Step 2

Enjoy Your Server

It really is that easy! Ever want to change modpacks? Simply pick one from our Jar Menu with over 2500+ modpacks!

Need Help?

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